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Dear Traders,

Identifying trend reversals is one thing, but knowing what time to do what is also important ! Like wearing sunglasses and hat in day and carrying a flash light at night is of great importance to survive.

Seeing a hammer may be enough to spook you to sell/buy, but more hints always helps, like the RSI before making a decision.

But from what I can tell so far, I see the hammer at the bottom and the RSI at the bottom and a bull soldier and it tells me that the market is warming for bull zone. I'll just go ahead and buy some crypto for now. But I can still be wrong.

Signals is all we got to scry the future and that's about it.

I hope this helps ! And if you think something's a bit off on my analysis feel free to speak it out.

BULL ZONE = Bulls in control (optimism, FOMO, and Mania)
BEAR ZONE = pessimism, FUD, etc.
RANGING = Confusion, Indecision, Dis-interest(if coupled with low volumes for a long time = very bad, shows the market is tired of your crypto and is leaving, they may come back but that's unpredictable)

-NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE- (For my learning too)
Bình luận: Looks like we're in LIMBO until the SEC hearing on Feb 6th. The market is full of uncertainty so its going to do some small dips. But if the hearings positive I expect a massive buy into the crypto market. The US is probably very interested in blockchain technology, their stocks are plummeting and they need new assets to help them lessen the blow of an impending recession. Stay positive and HOLD.
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