Bubble imploding. WHAT'S NEXT?

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
22 DECEMBER 2017
I did an idea where I exposed my opinion about Bitcoin             and cyptocurrecy market. In my opinion the bubble was going to implode. Time shows that I was right despite of all people saying I was wrong, crazy.

At the end of the bubble implosion, we can expect an accumulutaion phase, a phase where price are more or less stable and a certain tranquility on the markets. Then we should wait for a buying signal. Waiting for a breakout on the large base of accumulation. This will show us the signal of the beggining of the fifth bubble (maybe the last but not least).
(explanation about bubble cycles)
Institutionnal funds are going to buy and the bubble risks to be more huge than the previous ones. The reasoning is correct for the whole crypto market.

Your comments and opinions are very appreciated. (I'm not pro at all)
Bình luận: On the scheme about cycles, i did not represent the four bubbles, but only three. But we are well in the fourth bubble, not the third one.
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