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Correction waves complete, upcoming rally

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Some folks think I don't make my charts and explanations simple enough to understand. So here's a plain one ;)

Looking to top out 15-16K, probably about the same time the next round of futures contracts close...

(check out my related charts below if you want to read more details, there really is more to the analysis than a wave count and falling wedge )

If this plays out, it's a 100% rise for those who bought at 8K ;) Tips appreciated, PM me for addresses
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: (E) wave dug a little deeper to 6K. Doesn't change the bigger picture at all. Wedge gets a little wider at the bottom, and now we're looking (based on volume and RSI, not shown here) like we've got a solid local bottom in place. Targets still apply. Obviously we have to break out the wedge top first, you'd think I wouldn't have to explain that, but some folks here are really crabby about a lack of disclaimers on my scribbles ;)
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: buckle up...
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: bulls didn't take a single rest stop. no retraces, just straight shot for the 100MA and upper bear shoulder line. We could just keep cruising -- or we could finally get a small pullback before breaching
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: pullback to the 0.382 (of the rise since the bottom) played out nicely, right down my arrow, and daily just turned again on the next arrow ;)
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: yes, we went down for another leg, but it's still part of the new bull phase that we're in. We've hugged that downtrend line on the way to forming a bullish gartley, which will resolve any moment now and take us to the 15K target I've been aiming for finally.
Nice time to surface with this call, ...especially before the g20. Got balls..!
Love to see a contrarian view.
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@zr0s, won't G20 meeting will be held on November 30th?
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@zr0s, Thank you
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Thank god for the return of the mighty 'stache.
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Another superior analysis here as per the usual and my point exactly in my own analysis published earlier today... :-)
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I agree with you completely. There could be one or two more dips and it may even go as low 6.9K but it's very difficult nearly impossible to find the absolute bottom regularly. If we could do that we'd all be billionaires. I'm back in at 7.8k with a bit in reserve for another dip.
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One more wave down one more wave down!!
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Thanks for the insight brother. You're an asset
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For you, dude. Where are you ? Miss your stuff...
310 points downside and 210 upside so far today...
500+ plus points on a dull Saturday

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