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Bitcoin, did we just bottom?

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Last few months have been filled with a lot of noise. From 5k to 20k and now close to a round trip back to 5k.

I stripped away all the lines, indicators, hell even the volume and what we are left with is a textbook bullish chart even after coming down close to 75%. We should have all expected this even though few did. I started adding on the dips too early but didnt give up. COINBASE:BTCUSD

The little green lines are the daily lows after each bullish move. If this indeed was the bottom then we still have higher lows. Still bullish . Still an uptrend.

All the other coins, Litecoin, Ethereum , any crap coin you can find out there is heavily correlated to bitcoin so if you love one of them this may be your shot to buy that as well.

If this isnt the bottom and we close below 5500. The bull market is over. But I dont count on that given our daily RSI .

All the money I told myself I would allocate to cryptos was just used. Its make or break time.
I agree. I’m all in. I believe in bitcoin and the blockchain technology . And if this is the end of the crypto market, I’ll be down a lot of money but I will always tell myself atleast for once I stood for something I believed in all the way until it it wasn’t my choice not to be anymore. Good luck to all of you
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@ramicko, i am liking your comment but please do not trade with emotions. If this is your long time investment,you dont care about corrections anyway
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I am with you man
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