BITCOIN Correction Zones

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Here is a graph with all the correction zones

When does a bubble pops?? here is good video to explain what is happening with Bitcoin! VERY EASY TO UNDERSTAND and take it as future reference!

The price movement of bitcoin might also never stop going up, we are in different times now than all the other bubbles of the past, anyone can now open a trading account with an email address and do it with their cell phones, something not possible before all the other bubbles.

Most people that invest on Bitcoin have no idea that is a software that most people are now just copying and pasting (Fork) to create more versions of Bitcoin .

Very bullish on the Crypto Tech including Bitcoin , but right now everything has gotten out of control as my personal opinion, time will tell what is going to happen.

Most other Alts are also very much overbought conditions and Bitcoin will take them all down as well.

So far we are trading Bearish , but the crypto world is very bi-polar, tomorrow it can decide to go up to 20k

Last thing... I make money going up or down, it don,t matter to me what direction bitcoin goes

$0 - $1000: 1789 days
$1000 - $2000: 1271 days
$2000 - $3000: 23 days
$3000 - $4000: 62 days
$4000 - $5000: 61 days
$5000 - $6000: 8 days
$6000 - $7000: 13 days
$7000 - $8000: 14 days
$8000 - $9000: 9 days
$9000 - $10000: 2 days
$10000 - $11000: 3 hours
I like this. PM sent.
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