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Good time to buy BTC

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Bitcoin was overbought since about the $12k mark. Correction has occurred. There hasn't been any fundamentally negative news relating to Bitcoin . There is strong demand. Now is a good time to buy.

Mid-term positive news is Coinbase and adding support for SegWit in 2018 which will increase number of transactions and reduce transaction fees. Additionally Bitcoin's greatest competitor Bitcoin Cash is running out of good news. Both Coinbase and now already support it. There is evidence that Bitcoin Cash transaction fees aren't as low as they could be (peaking at $1 at one point). Bitcoin Cash transaction fees will most likely increase in the future if popularity continued which would make it more expensive than Visa to purchase a coffee , which negates one of the main arguments for Bitcoin Cash . Bitcoin will add support for Lightning network in 12 months or so (support is already in place for some wallets). Lightning network will have virtually no fees and can handle more transactions than Bitcoin Cash . Bitcoin Cash doesn't intend to integrate the Lightning network. In the long term Bitcoin looks stronger. With multiple news stories the price of Bitcoin should continue to strengthen. There will be the and Coinbase SegWit announcements and then later announcements for Lightning. I'm not sure what the short term price movements will be, however since the Bitcoin Cash news is out of the system and the price didn't overly benefit, and the fact that we have had a massive Bitcoin price correction, things look very strong for 2018. $30k BTC is very achievable in the next few months.
I have coins: cvc, xpm, kcs
now convert them to bitcoin or hold them

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jolon Alimoheb55
@Alimoheb55, I like the idea of holding some Bitcoin. I don't know much about those coins.
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Buy Bitcoin now or wait to go down or buy it
until December 28 because it has a fork. So keep all altcoin , or change all altcoin to bitcoin. What is the best time and buy price?
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jolon Alimoheb55
@Alimoheb55, If you want to have coins on the SegWit2x fork you will need to have coins on the Bitcoin blockchain before 28 Dec. Note that if you have your coins in an online wallet or exchange you need to be able to access the private key, or have an assurance that the online wallet/exchange will support SegWit2x to be able to access them. I don't like to give short term buying advice, but if BTC drops below $13k I think it is a good buy. However I am a long term trader so I'd buy now.
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Where do our BTCs need to be to get the extra fork coins? Anyone know? Can't find a damn answer to this. Otherwise good chart.
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jolon SuperBowlDave
@SuperBowlDave, did you have coins before the fork and if so where were they? (exchange, wallet, etc.)
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