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My cycles could not be correct, but a continuation is highly likely I guess !
Looking for the balance in Elliott Wave theory and so the universe..
We don't believe the earth is flat anymore...
And we're part of a bigger solar system...
The universe is expanding...
There are more people...
There is more money...

Bình luận: Let's practice the rules of nature...
There are no straight lines in the universe
If we're counting in curves, trendlines are of none importance... so is my dotted light blue trendline = trash !
Curves and Ellipses are the natural path !
its hard to see whats going on in this chart. maybe because there is too much going on?
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@pisces38, HAHA... you're right... I deleted already a lot to make it clearer.. but that's my mind right there... for me it's not confusing, but idd... I should have deleted some stuff...

ignore what almost everything in this scenario... watch the PURPLE lines ! :-)
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pisces38 Wolverinos
@Wolverinos, you think we are going to correct to 6k again or 5k? a lot of traders have been saying that.
Phản hồi
@pisces38, could be... but it is of lesser importance in the bigger scenario... that's the great thing about cryptos... it goes so fast that we cannot think in straight lines anymore.. but... I BELIEVE that last dip was a MISTAKE... some FUD going on.. in the natural progress, I believe 8000 is the real support !
And for XRP 1.0 usd ! right now... everything is in balance
+2 Phản hồi
@pisces38, I was just thinking... are there 3D graph programs? that could make it even more accurate
Phản hồi
@pisces38, so what should be the 3th unit... we have time and price.... sentiment? mood?... people?
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