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Bitcoin Bull Trap - Down We Go

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
What's up everyone. Yes, most people are starting to talk about BTC reversal and going full Bullish but be CAREFUL. This move happened on a sunday and beginning of monday. Solely based on G20 ''good news anticipation''. I HARDLY doubt G20 will end up being positive overall. Neutral at best and that isnt enough to turn the market from full bearish to bullish . The big boys are setting it up and letting it go up a bit. Tuesday and Wednesday is coming and those 2days are the big boys big volume day. Expect a bearish continuation. We no longer have any level to break (except very small weak ones) from the current price all the way to $4700.

If you are going to trade right now I STRONGLY suggest using a tight stop loss. The risk vs reward right now isn't good for anyone who isn't shorting the market right now.

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Giao dịch đang hoạt động: To anyone who's mindset is this ''G20 will be positive so market goes bullish''

Let me ask you one thing. How in the hell can G20 be positive? Are we anticipating any MAJOR good Cryptocurrency news? No we're not. We're anticipating BAD NEWS. G20 will either be NEGATIVE or NEUTRAL. The positive outcome is out of the equation. Neutral outcome is not enough to switch a market momentum because remember guys we have been in a bearish market for months now.

I know many of you guys really want to see BTC go bullish again but you can't be delusional about it. Be RATIONAL and you won't lose money. It isn't the market who is against you but your own self.

''The market is a mirror reflecting who you are as a person.''

-Mark Douglas
Giao dịch đang hoạt động:
You must have missed the memo, 300M USDT printed today. We’re going up, you best flip your position to long.
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@janski, lol. Clueless.
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sometimes when a bad news took the market down, then turned out that the new wasn't so negative (aka. neutral), isn't that can be considered positive?
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