I don’t understand what your Chart means, sorry.

Can you please provide description?

Many thanks
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Mazapan mhfcrypto
@mhfcrypto, An apology, I was going to edit it because I was short of time but forget it, the analysis I do is based on the analysis of mass psychology, the area before the fall is an area called varicia and the objective is called panic, in this type of analysis uses the concept that manipulations do not exist, if not that the market itself has its own feeling and moves in its own way, taking out traders who use traditional systems, well, what I'm going to do is that , according to my analysis indicates that the Bitcoin will continue to go down to the panic zone there could do a recession to the middle of the fall and fall again, but there is also the possibility that it will go up to where it started to fall and finally, it is possible to say that this system does not give a 100% of hits, it can fail like any other, even though, for the moment the fall has been fulfilled to the first objective that is the first circle in the fall.
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