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All TradingView / chats / forums are predicting 8K, and then some magical bounce.

Bulls are getting teased.

Furthermore, long/short ratio is 1:1 on Finex - down from 3:1.

Everyone is calling for 8K - but surely everyone can't be right.
So based on your description, everyone is calling for 8k...but because everyone can not be right, so therefore you threw in your hat saying going the other way? proving your point of everyone can't be right? lol for the sake of loling?

There are options to go up or down, but down is looking more likely. Absolute? nothing in Crypto or Stocks are, but different TA showing likely down. Bur likely won't be a free fan, small ups and downs until 8k. your up arrow, like many other optimists, just points up to 19k-20k. Billions out of the coinmarket cap dropped up to here and bears winning while people sell before larger dips. Bulls aren't surging and hyping up those big players to bring money back in for climb towards 19/20k before Feb 15 as your arrow shows. I'm staying in fiat waiting with a few buy orders just above 8k for next couple weeks. GL trading.
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TanayUK Bitcpd027
@Bitcpd027, i live life for the lols
Phản hồi
Bitcpd027 TanayUK
@TanayUK, hope you lol when it hit 8k yesterday xD
Phản hồi
TanayUK Bitcpd027
@Bitcpd027, i had major lols, thx
Phản hồi
Phản hồi
TanayUK mycotoxin
Phản hồi
@TanayUK, graph the weekly its 5k
Phản hồi
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, 8600, 7500,6125 then 5k
Phản hồi
ysraell1 mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, 2k, for 1h somewhere att the next werk.
Phản hồi
mycotoxin ysraell1
@ysraell1, Cheers , but I didnt think we will hit the 588xx area this weekend i was hoping next week ?
I see the 5k drop in 1 to 2 weeks unless theres a flash crash ?
can you share your graph . I'd be interested in viewing - Cheers

5k drop here
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