BTC Reset Scenario #3 - Uglyyyyyyyy

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You have to be able to define pattern breaks without being on a 1 hour chart to get an idea of what is possible here. Who projected $20K using a 1 hr             chart this year? NO ONE! We were excited to think $5K for 2017 was possible, we were in a state of delusion getting to $20K!

I am not saying this is what is going to happen, but there are several possibilities of what will happen. You think the Institutional money wants to buy BTC             at $20K or even $10K if this a market they want to come and do their usual thing with? I don't, but we also know that the Old School hodlers have a BUNCH more btc             than any of the old worlders moving into this market so I am not keen on this being the path we travel, but I am not so naive to think it is out of the question either. We are in a market than just hit $600 billion and moving in old worlders that are using 100s of TRILLIONS of dollars in an archaic system that is collapsing before our eyes and the smart ones want to keep their WORTH and are smart enough to see a dying dollar in front of their eyes.
if this happens im gona blame it on you!
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@castZrunes, lol I can livc with that. I don't think this one is realistic, I have posted a few others that aren't quite and silly. We are getting a reset, the question is for us all, where is the bottom??? hahaha
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ugly chart...
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@dobrovan, I agree! I doubt this is the outcome of what is happening myself, just posting ideas to think about. There are more from today up that I've done, I will be doing a bit more optimistic outcomes pretty soon, I wanted to get the bad out of the way first. Merry Christmas!
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