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Hey guys! Call me crazy but I do think BTCUSD             might reach $40k USD this year. Check out the chart and let me know what you guys think. Comment down below if you agree/disagree with this idea... Thanks
Market cycles...
How something can rose expotentially, when there aren't any more suckers to suck in? Everyone bought in december and will be hodling till 2020 or will sell at 3k in next 6-8months.
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workforpip17 ja.piotr.bor
@ja.piotr.bor, Totally agree! market cycles will cycle until there is no more buyers/sellers in the market. However, if there are enough volume of buyers/seller, anything is possible...
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ja.piotr.bor workforpip17
@workforpip17, I believe, that reading about bitcoin millionaires (2013 december same), and people dumping their life savings into bitcoin - which don't know nothing about, and listening to let's say idiots like Mcafee - is enough for me, that bubble was enormous.
I believed that it should have burst sooner, but it was going a lot more than I thought.
Extrapolating it to the size of dotcom, and NASDAQ chart from 2000-2002, I think that there is obvious signes, that we are in denial phase, and there wont be anymore people to suck in.
And if then bubble have discounted prices to 20%, I believe that in next 6-8months we will se 170B$ capitalization, taking into account top (850/5). And Bitcoin around 4K.
Could be lower tho, cause it's unregulated market, manipulators and paniced public can dump it even too 100B$, nobody wants to hold shitcoins, which are decreasing in value like crazy, because they were pumped like crazy.
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