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Tom Demark (T.D) Indicator Tutorial

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// Tom Demark (T.D) Indicator Tutorial //

This is intended to show you the features of this indicator. This video is not how to trade using the T.D sequential, just how to use this version. You can add the indicator by clicking the indicators tab and typing in Tom Demark (T.D) indicator and select the one by jdlim, there is also a link below and above.

Based on the rules here and here.

Counts continue as per Tone Vays version.
I would recommend following him if you like this indicator.
@ToneVays on Twitter and his website.
You can also buy his version of the indicator (random number generator) directly from him for 0.05 BTC             .
T.D Sequential Setup
Numbers above the candles (1-9).
T.D sell setup: Green numbers on top of candles.
T.D buy setup: Red numbers on top of candles.
Perfect 8s and 9s are encircled.
Nines are indicated with little arrows at the top (sell setup) or bottom (buy setup) of the plotting area with expected direction of price movement.
A '⁹' appears above a count of 1 if, at some stage in the candles lifetime, it was a 9.

T.D Countdown
Numbers below the candles (1-13).
T.D Buy Countdown: Red
T.D Sell Countdown: Green
13s have arrow watermark with expected direction of price movement.
Perfect 13 are in parentheses.
Cancellation of the countdown: "No entry emoji"
Aggressive T.D Sequential: A13 (with arrow) - only the 13 is plotted.

Risk Level ( Support and Resistance Lines)
Blue dotted lines as per the rules in the above document.
Buy Setup: Low of lowest low of setup bar minus the true range of that bar.
Sell Setup: High of highest high of setup bar plus the true range of that bar.
A green '$' symbol appears on top of the chart area showing a possible short or long entry. A long play if the current price is trading above the previous candles high on a 2-8 count (low for short play).
Simple Moving Averages
20: Orange
50: Blue
200: Purple
Bình luận: Alerts
Alerts are applied to the current chart asset and timeframe (see note for alert 4). The condition field to the right of the indicators name selection (initially showing '20sma') has no effect on alerts 1 to 5. Input values can be edited by pressing the cog (format button) next to the indicator name and selection the inputs tab prior to setting the alert.

1a) Long play on selected count (Up): If the current candles count is equal to the value selected in the inputs tab of the indicator (field 1a; default is 2) and a green number, and the current price (set on the timeframe of the current chart when adding the alert) moves above the high of the previous candle times the multiplier value selected in the inputs tab (field 2; default is 1).
e.g. If the values in field 1a and field 2 (the multiplier) of the inputs tab are 3 and 1.10, respectively. An alert is triggered when the TD count on the current chart is a green 3, and the price moves 10% above the previous candles high (green TD count of 2).
1b) Short play on selected count (Down)': As in 1a above, but the price times the multiplier is trading below the low of the previous candle and red numbers.
2a) Countdown hit an A13: If the countdown hits a 13 on the timeframe of the current chart when adding the alert.
2b) Countdown hit a 13: As above but for the aggressive 13.
3) The count has flipped: The count has changed from green to red (bullish or bearish price flip). This change can be adjusted using a multiplier in the inputs tab (field 2, default is 1).
i.e. When the multiplier in input field 2 is set to 1.10 and the TD count flips from green to red (bullish to bearish) or vice versa an alert is triggered if the current price goes 10% the close 4 candles earlier (10% below for red count).
4) All the numbers have aligned: The count selected in the inputs tab (field 4a, the default is 9) has occurred on multiple timeframes simultaneously (field 4b, a default is 1h, 4h, daily and weekly). The counts must all be green or red.
i.e. If the values in field 4a and field 4b of the inputs tab are 3 and '1h, 4h' respectively; an alert is triggered if there is a TD count of 3 on the 1h and 4h charts at the same time and both counts are either red or green.
5) TD Sequential hit: (can set the sequential count in the inputs tab; default is 9)

Note: You can also set custom alerts using the condition field to the right of the indicators name selection (initially showing '20sma'), I have not shown these in the video.

Chart Customization
If you click the cog (format button) next to the indicator name you can change the styles of the plots and can also edit all the plot characters, and you can save your preferences as the default.
There are options to change transparency settings of countdown 1-12, sequential 1-7 and the aggressive 13, and to change the size of the plotted characters in input tab for ease of use. Helpful if the numbers are too light to be seen on your screen or chart background.

-- Please let me know if you have any suggestions or see any errors. --
If you would like to make a donation to me here are my addresses. As you can see form the ZAR/USD price above I'd appreciate it :P
ETH: 0x033DdB9f4fa13815bB381aefA8d01000753D2E0D

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Great work here, love the addition of alerts! Can't find telegram, so I'll leave this here

propose additions of Camouflage and clop, and perhaps also clopwin, open, and trap.
Phản hồi
jdlim massstash
Thanks @massstash, I'll add those to the todo list. If you still want to join the telegram heres the address https://t.me/td_trading.
Phản hồi
jdlim massstash
@massstash, checkout . I added you to it.
Phản hồi
Very appreciated for your work. It’s looking great I will definitely do some testing tomorrow morning and let you know how it goes. Def will contribute when making some profits.

Also did you make sure all the numbers are aligned Tone Vay’s one?

Another thing that I would suggest would be the TD COMBO. That would make your work even more completed.

Once again thanks a lot
Phản hồi
jdlim Abaldo1
Hi @Abaldo1, I think the only difference in the numbers with Tones version is the aggressive 13; he uses high > high two bars earlier and I use the high >= high two bars earlier (lows for TD buy countdown) as in Jason Perls book. I will add the TD combo at some stage, gave it a shot once but the code was a mess.
Phản hồi
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