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My first TA on Bitcoin was this one: Unfortunately it was worse than what I expected, as of now BITFINEX:BTCUSD is still dropping... This was expected because Bitcoin has been growing for months... It has 12345 Wave and of course it must do ABC to complete the Elliot Wave .

In this new analysis it's expected for Bitcoin to reach the 0.786 Fib level of $8501.2 IF it breaks that level and closes bellow it the 1 Fib level is at $5400.2 which I doubt, Bitcoin should finish the ABC and reverse the trend thus making all coins 'green' again.
Trade safely! (Do not take this as financial advice!)
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BTCUSD shows a lot of BULLISH signals, the HUGE Flag, the Bullish Bat pattern, and the most important, the ABC correction wave (DONE???) In my opinion BTCUSD is not coming back bellow $10.000 (I could be wrong, but let's hope not.) The green square marks the perfect zone to buy-in, I doubt we will get back to it again any time soon.

I know the XABCD values aren't perfect nor is the Flag but I just wanted to share a quick sketch of whats happening.

Trade Safe!
Bình luận:

A little thing I noticed as well, this last 3 candles show us a interesting thing, the first of the three last (big red one inside the square) has a Low of $10.1k and a close of $11.3k (shows buy pressure) which means people aren't letting the coin dropping more (kind of a "resistance") same happens on the "middle" candle, a Low of $9.2k and a close on $11.1k a BIG jump, that means a BIG buying pressure "pumping" Bitcoin and not letting it drop. The last candle (daily chart) closing above the Close and/or the High of the candle before it (High was $11.7k and the Close was $11.1k would be a nice bullish sign!

Lets see what happens! Trade Safe!
Bình luận:

I advise you to watch this video! Great one!
Bình luận:

Expect a drop on BTCUSD to around $10.500, if it breaks that level we might be seeing the $9000/$9500 levels again!
Bình luận: Interesting article about timing and events...
Bình luận:

Wait for a breakout on either sides, don't get fooled by false breakouts!

It should go up in a short-term!

Trade Safe!
Bình luận: Forgot to mention it is an Ascending Triangle, but we can see triple tops and double bottoms inside of it..

At this time I would just wait patiently !
Bình luận:

WARNING BTC is on top of the support.

1H TF if the candle closes bellow the Yellow line we could see a drop, be careful!
Bình luận: It went there 2 times already, this would be the third time, let's see if it holds, this is an ascending triangle so (in theory) price should go up, but we are talking about bitcoin... There's always the possibility of breakout on the bottom line thus meaning the price would go down..
Bình luận:

Bounce upwards on that "support" broke out of an ascending triangle an of a symmetrical one! Strong jump, it will be followed by a small retracement that has already started.
Bình luận:

Price will go down soon
Bình luận: If it doesn't bounce back on the Rising wedge line expect an even bigger drop to the 10k levels!!
Bình luận: Tenkan already crossed Kijun upwards on 1H 2H 3H 4H TF and its heading there on the 8H TF (Bigger TF for Ichimoku the better!) We should see a rise in price
Bình luận: Forgot to mention that on the last picture i shared 2H ago of the rising wedge the price of Bitcoin bounced on the tenkan line!
Bình luận: 1H* ^ (My mistake sorry)
Bình luận:

TF of 1H Ichimoku is full bullish! Price is bouncing on the Tenkan Line
Bình luận: Price trying to breakout!!

At 1H TF Ichimoku shows Bullish!

Careful if price drops (and closes) bellow the Kijun (Red Line)
Bình luận: Price bouncing on the Tenakn (Blue Line) for the last 9 hours, good sign, it means its holding there on the "support" which is the Tenkan
Bình luận:

Price made a resistance on that Yellow line, went there 2 times but failed, when it was expected to go there a third time the price was rejected by the cloud on 12h which is a decent TF to use Ichimoku safely. More updates to come.
Bình luận:

Broke out of the Rising wedge originated on a downtrend so the main downtrend will continue
Bình luận:

ABC done?

Price was reject by cloud on the 1D TF, Ichimoku shows Bearish. Price should drop to one of those supports, as I've said before I don't think we'll be seeing the 9K again.

I could be wrong but lets hope not.

Trade safe!
Bình luận: (Same picture from a while ago)

Agreed with @Excavo
Bình luận: BTCUSD is inside a giant Bullish Flag! We just need to wait for it to breakout!
Bình luận:

Small Symmetrical Triangle, price up
Bình luận:

New rising wedge, price up
Bình luận:

MA100 will cross MA200 (??) maybe price up.
Bình luận: MA100=Pink
Bình luận:

Price broke down the channel. Bearish Flag done so price will drop.
Bình luận:

1D TF if the candle closes like this we have Bearish Engulfing. Price drop.
Bình luận: Price rejected by could at 1D Ichimoku, low power.
Bình luận: (Rejected 2 days in a row)
Bình luận:

BTCUSD 1W TF (Long TF means Ichimoku is powerful)

If price closes bellow Kijun we see BTC drop hard back to the 8k/9k levels.
Bình luận: With this scenario BTC target is probably 8k/8.5k
Bình luận:

Fibonacci Retracement, this is what will happen if BTC closes like this or worse.
Bình luận: This Idea will stop being updated.

I've made a new one on which I'll only post "important" Updates.

Heres the link:
Bình luận: (If you click the image you'll get redirected to the new idea)
Bình luận:

New TA!
Make sure to read the new one!
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angel_lobs angel_lobs
@angel_lobs, (If you click the image you'll get redirected to the new idea)
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I'm still suspicious that this might be a fakeout - I'll tag you in the idea I posted so you can check out my reasoning.
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angel_lobs tigerpause
@tigerpause, I'll take a look, but don't take what I say for granted, as you can see in my profile I only started this a month ago :)
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Really good work - thanks so much for sharing. I think we *might* be running out of steam; the 8h stochastic looks like it might be starting to tend downwards and the 4H RSI is struggling to stay above 50 whilst the 8H+ remain below 50 for the time being. Potential retrace to 8.5 to complete a double bottom and close out the macro level bear run?
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angel_lobs tigerpause
@tigerpause, Thanks for your feedback! I'm really happy that you agree with my "work". Well from what we saw overnight BTC made a good jump, its not going near the 8.5k level again in my opinion, I think it's safe to say it's not coming bellow the 10k, but thats just my opinion I could be wrong, but let's hope not!!! I think we can say the ABC is done (??) Only time will tell. Trade safe and have a nice day!
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