COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Hey all.

I see, most of tradingview experts are in fear. In fear, that bitcoin             doesn't have enough strenght, to end this long period of bearish trend .

COINBASE:BTCUSD             is very emotional cryptocurrency. The king is being abused by media, speculators, mr. Ver .. All wan't to manipulate is somehow.

but you are all forgeting something. Bitcoin             is only one. Currently we have no replacement for the king. Ethereum             showed it weakness, when it was expensive. The fee's were high, and speed was low. So, I calculated the speed and fee ratio, if ETH were 10k with current setup, and the result was catastrophic. That doesn't only touch ETH itself, but most of the ERC             tokens, project which are promising being "next ebay", or such. That won't happen. All this projects will die, if they won't switch of mainet.

Meanwile btc             was in several wars so far. And won them all.

So all you, who don't beleive that the king will overpass this FUD and teporary bear market, you will be sorry later

Bình luận: When all the "PRO's" and "TOP's" was bearish, I gave you a strong bull signal.
I'll prepare some fresh analysis today.

Bình luận: 10k AREA.

congrats to holders.
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