Bitcoin will hit its low below 3k

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BTC is to wiggle around 3k for a while before going up again...... Take a look !
Bình luận: So far I was right.

If April 2019 will close at 3k again Bitcoin will shoot up another 2-3k ..Will be looking perhaps at 7k...

That will only come true if no new "bitcoin" of some kind will replace it. (Very possible)
I'm trying learn so maybe you're seeing something I'm not, but why do you think 3k? There's still two pretty large supports between it's current price and 3k.
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MrDavidX ben3683914
@ben3683914, if most of the people that invested, opt out. The price will go down. Well the charts did not predict the bitcoin going down that low either ;)

What I found most accurate which proved it self.

There is a hint between the price of each markets exchange and their change % .
The volatility price change between CEX AND COINBASE for instant paints a vivid picture of the demand/supply /“current buying stake”
For example @ Coinbase price of 14500 per 1 btc =@ cex price of 15600 per 1 btc . The 1100 dollar difference shows you how well the price will maintain its solid grounds. So looking at around 3k just below you see that that’s where the kicker came from. Of course taking under consideration the market got bigger etc. I will say 3-4 k but nearly has to hit another low of 3k in order to proof it self . Take a note . 3K is still very high price and that’s about 1000% increase from its mother grounds
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MrDavidX ben3683914
@ben3683914, Look at that, I was right :)
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