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Big bubble cycle, We are in Wave 3 or wave 4?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
My vision for eliot waves for current monthly cycle and subcycles.
Bình luận: + MACD looks like 27.012014, coincidence? i dont think so...
Bình luận: Update to my previous comment, defintly we ended 2 years cycle, but from qustion "we are in wave 4 or 5" depends depth of curent corection. Weekly macd crossing always histoically started long bear market. Based on time analysis i dont see potencioal for more growth before reaching 7,5 k (or even 4 k). Only posibility is to close curent cycle and start new one.

Giao dịch đang hoạt động: So we are on ride to 3500 :(
This week is not over yet. The MACD signal will be undone.
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@Gromixus, At this stage you need 5k candle aboce top so if we reach 25k it will be undone :)
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MiloszKaszynski MiloszKaszynski
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could you please clarify your point with MACD? thanks
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MiloszKaszynski retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, Added more info in comment
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Very otpimistic in long run. Aren't you afraid that bitcoin finished its run permanently? Lots of voices that bubble broke and now back to the reality.. Thanks for sharing
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MiloszKaszynski rekinyinternetu
@rekinyinternetu, Too many pepole waiting to reenter, so we have atleast 1 more bigrun in hand. BTC for now is in media attention phase, it is doing local small bubble patens but at bigger picture it is looking quite good. so yes i think we might see 6 digits btc if not in 2018, than in 2020 after 2018 bear year and 2019 consolidation year.
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man, that macd looks scary
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