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BTC +6493% target $1,000,000 USD by Jun 16th 2018

OKEX:BTCUSD3M   BTCUSD Futures Contract 26 June 2020
Looking over semi-long term trends of Bitcoin values. Here I compare OKCoin 3 month Future price projections against Coinbase actual price 90 days later. This shows us that futures are predictably lower than actual achieved values 90 days later. The net difference between the 3 Month projected price and the actual price is 469%.

By projecting the same 469% out 91 days from both the All Time High and the current value for the day, we see they cross at the yellow ellipse.

From there, I built out a Gann Fan with that crossing point at the very center of the fan.

Further, I drew an upward trend line through that crossing point to mark a date almost 6 months from today to provide us with a semi-long term projection of actual value based upon the comparison of 3 month futures vs actual value today.

This date falls on Jun 18th of 2018, but I've tagged it Jun 16th, because Jun 16th is my Birthday.

Anyway, this may be a bit crazy, but it's what the charts show me. I'm not basing this on any reality. But it's entirely possible with a few trillion dollars being introduced into the Bitcoin space over the next 6 months, we may actually get there.

If you want to send tips for my crazy ideas, feel free. :-)

Bitcoin Address: 124499N2DPkVKAxNZmKjmPYxjq8TiiS5Sj
Ether Address: 0xD016e20E83292443E9Be97D4a96d0A7e84f2106e
Bitcoin Cash Address: 1GMtXPPTNzAFD6t1EKKw5VdX4F9fRJgfoM
Bình luận: Update with arcs.

Green arc (best case) is top numbers and ends right around my $1M target by Jun 16th.

Red arc (worst case) is bottom numbers and shows that we could hit a low of $1M by Feb of 2019.

Notice the red arc (worst case) hits a value of $10M by Jun 2019, exactly one year after my projection for $1M.

Am I wrong? Anyone have some long term charts to share and tell me how/why I'm wrong? Please..

There's always a possibility of the bubble bursting, but I think we are still early in the crypto and alt crypto current markets, meaning that this bubble is just the beginning. We will see crypto in all parts of our daily lives, just like we see the Internet today and this will happen over the next 10-30 years, just like it did with the Internet via the invention of the TCP/IP and the World Wide Web.

Bình luận: I'll concede, we may be approaching a bull trap with Bitcoin, simply because the markets are shifting and XRP is catching quickly with market cap, nearly 50% of Bitcoins market cap now and within the next few weeks, may overtake bitcoin for market cap. This along with Coinbase accepting XRP possibly in the coming weeks and a few other coins following closely (XLM biggest contender to XRP). XLM could pass XRP in market cap after people realize that XRP is not distributed and your XRP funds may be frozen or controlled by banks and institutions. The libertarian views will kick in and propel XLM forward above XRP and coins like Dash and Monero may become even more popular for privacy reasons.
Bình luận: It's a clear breakout and upward..

Next targets for resistance levels, $19k, $21k and $25k, although after we hit $19k we may blow right past $21k and slow for a moment at $25k.

After that, I'll have to break it down further, but $46k is incoming, per my previous charts.

Bình luận: Please see this.. it is just as accurate today as it was in 2013.
Bình luận: For the naysayers.. not my chart..

Bình luận

Man you need to get yourself checked in at a drug rehabilitation centre. IF you are based in UK, let me know. I am a psychiatrist and may be able to help you out ;)
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Man, I need to smoke this!!!!!!!!
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"btc bullporn" haha love it
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what's the deal with your candlesticks? kinda look like candlevolume but they're not right? what's with the extra boxes exactly?
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team_USA team_USA
also I just calculated the total marketcap this projection would give Bitcoin; it would be about 17 trillion. seems pretty ludicrous tbh but who the fuck knows, right?
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I dont know what to say.. lol
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seems like your foil has broken...
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Clown. Not follow this clown.
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no u liar
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stop following you after this
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