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Many think we are still on a decline, that we may see BTC             drop under 5k. This could happen if volume doesn't get a boost. Right now looking at the regression we are still rising the lower Bollinger band with a slight buy order in at the time i run this chart but its not great volume . I do not see much of a recovery, but this could change as hours pass. The only positive indicator i see is in the RSI . We are in the oversold area, so people who pay attention to technical analysis would see this as a nice buy signal, but it is the only clear one I see on the chart so you may not see very heavy buys come in. MACD is still trending down. A typical investor who is looking for guaranteed gains wont buy now as we do not know if this is the absolute bottom. They will wait for MACD to cross over the signal line which is your indicator of a possible bullish run. We are barely holding 6.8k right now and if that break next line of support is not until 5.7k. I hope we see some buys and see the reversal, honestly I still do not see it. I expect continued bear moves.
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