BTC DROPDOWN and price levels buy (VERY IMPORTANT) 8.200 $ BUY

Bitcoin             price correction and this so called "levels of artificial price" lasted longer than expected while being hold by sharks 'n' wales.

When Bitcoin             makes his next second retracement (which happened already yesterday), and rebounced (but not strong enough, because rebounce slightly from 9300 $ (which is "additional support level" )

You should all cashout your positions, but, in general, whole market will make a -30%-40% dropdown second time.

Therefore, i' m suggesting you to cashout your positions on time, because BTC             will RESET MARKET ON FACTORY SETTINGS once again.

Keep that in mind.

I personally think that this btc             price range won't be sustainable even if wales and sharks are flashing market trading between themselves and creating prices which enables them to reset altcoins even if not making money on btc             .

That market correction we saw (-40% market retracement) and todays             fast recovery (+30%) and all those enourmus fast uptrends are nothing but the temporary hype which won't last long and it WILL BE corrected to previous prices during the second btc             drop, because MAIN support is 8200 level and isnt tested yet (we need that STRONG rebounce to pass 11.700 resistance level ), but they will be (that means that entry bitcoin             price will be 8200-8400$) . sharks and whales can probably prolong a littledrop even more then previous values before this uptrends.

Also possible scenario is that wales n sharks are buyin' alts, artificialy increacing prices and trading, making real money there, while trying to slow btc             downtrend which is inevadable.
I would not suggest buying anything else, cashout your positions on time (maybe short swing trading) nothing else.

One more thing, very important. Bitcoin             had enourmus uptrend from 12.000 to 18.000 while (30 % uptrend) while alts were (-30%).
That means if you put on both sides of the scale 100 kilograms you have 1:1 ratio.
If you take 30kg from one side and put it on another one, you will have 130kg on left and 70kg on right side, which means 1,85:1 ratio (45% porfolio "loss" which is insane by it self, because altcoins didnt have that strong uptrends exept XRP and XMR).
Prices will be corrected, it was a long period, but time has come for btc             to drop on previous 8.200$ (95%) and 5500$ (5%) chance.
Good luck guys
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Bitcoin should reach 9.300 level again, then retest 11.700 level.
Then, we could have interesting situation : (very important)
* BTC could "spear" through 8.200 (not actually rebounce from it) and reach 5.800 level and then strongly rebounce of it.
(it's a probability), but my opinion is divided.

My conclusion and recommendation for everyone is buy 8.200 levelbecause it's a safe buy and i recommend everyone to buy at mentioned price range.
Bình luận: We were witnessing obvious pump (huge green candle, 500$ price uptrend in 15 min time) in order to break main resistance. Btc

Anyway, this is not good time for buy, it's very risky and my opinion is this pump is artificial and it will be corrected to previous values, because this price at the very end of btc two months cycle simply doesnt " fit in".

I'm personally in USDT only (for now), until market becomes stable.

I still think that btc price will be corrected to 9.300$, then rebounce to 11.700$ and then it will test main support (8.200$).
Conclusion :
This price is not sustainable even if btc tries to aim for lower highs (as it trying to "breach" 12.600-12.800$.
Dont rush, dont buy at " new highs" because these prices are artificial and it will be corrected.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Bitcoin is still experiencing pressure from artificial price pump, because this pump is not " mathematicaly justified", but if it continues to get pushed like this, it could reach maximum of 13.500-13.600 price range and (very risky price), even at price range 12.500, not to mentioning higher levels, because the more bitcoin gets pumped, the greater effect of a price reversal could be experienced.

That very strong reversal and " slingshot effect" which probably "spear" easily even two or more support levels at 11.700 and strongly retest 8200 level, even maybe all way down to 5800 level in order to strongly rebounce and "restore confidence" at new stable prices between 11.700 and 13500 range.

Buying on these levels is very risky, beacause this price is not sustainable and drop is imminent.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: After drop to 11.700 level, bitcoin is getting pushed again.
It seems logical, slight rebounce from main support level (previous resistance), but this scenario is nothing but artificial pumping=pure gambling.
Last night btc pump ended at 13,500 level and failed to breach it.
Eventually, it could breach, but, "things" are downtrending=bearish, so, there is no healthy price at this point.
If btc gets pumped again, use that situation in your benefit, cashout + only, dont cashout losses.
Again, the more btc gets pumped, the greater yo yo effect will be seen.
Buy range 5800-8200.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Bitcoin should make serious deep (more than 10% value) after this 4h cycle ends.
It could climb to 11,5k now, but it will certanly make serious downtrend (all of a sudden), because it's getting pushed vertcaly and it will rebounce, because it's already bleeding out. (it's not gonna fail, but it will be worth 60% this price in a certain time period (BEFORE MAKING ANY OTHER SERIOUS MOVEMENT)- very important to know
Bình luận: So, Bitcoin next prices :
*11500 level
Rebounce to 11.700,
Drop to 9.5 (then probably 8.2) (perfect timing for altcoins)
Good luck
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Btc just rebounce from support level on 10,300$, it might go to 11,7k before droping.
Its an UPTREND as we speak (from 10300 back to 11.700)
Bình luận: It seems like it is goin'g to collide, but even btc doesn't have strenght for it, i personally think it will make one final uptrend back to 11,700k level in order for positive balance while clock is ticking for CME Contracts
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Bitcoin has nowhere to go but down.
Under every other circumstancies, just dont trade.
If it grows over 12k (i personally doubt, but ok), dont "follow".
It's pure gambling.
It's very risky, we might experience dips very soon, considering we are in downtrend.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu
Nice job! Your prediction acted like a script which BTCUSD decided to follow.
What are your expectations from here on? Bearish till $5000 range then Bullish to ATH again?
+1 Phản hồi
milanjelic bsbcrypto
@bsbcrypto, nice targets mate.
I would agree with 4.8-5.2 level.
Phản hồi
Guy is a genius, needs more attention
+1 Phản hồi
This is simply amazing, I kept on sharing this chart in our crypto group during the crash and told them not to worry. I just messaged them " See, I was right!" :)
+2 Phản hồi
@milanjelic Bravo Milane, objasnio si svima!
+2 Phản hồi
Factory Settings would be $0.00 by the way. I'm not sure if that's what you're predicting. If so, I think you're probably right, but not until society itself has gone the way of the dinosaur.
+1 Phản hồi
Milanjelic , please update next BTC moves.... Great job. Keep doing this.
+3 Phản hồi
Graet analize as always.
It's very hard to read monopolized market, and you can read their plan very well.
even after cme expiration and bull trap , you read their hands and that was great.

we need people like you here not people that repeat Mcafee words who actually is manipulating this market with his minions and laugh at people

I think we can go lower but this place is very good to buy

Keep it up !
+1 Phản hồi
Great analysis. Just wow!
+2 Phản hồi
Wow! I wish I had seen this chart a few weeks back! Been caught out in the alt bleed and am now HODLing but I’m doubting this strategy as it isn’t really risk management. Looking forward to any updates and any indications of what you think migh happen next?
+1 Phản hồi
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