Mid-term bitcoin overview. 01/28/18

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Have a nice weekend, friends!
We have figured out what is happening with the current bitcoin             situation and what to do. Now let’s consider the medium-term goals of movement. I have already said that while crossing support-resistance areas, they intensify each other, which increases a probability of the price bounce. But there is one more thing: in many cases the crossings of support-resistance strong areas attract the price to them and are targeted.

I repeat once again that I work on the stock exchange with what I have, not guessing constantly upward or downward tendencies. I determine where it would be good to buy, where it would be good to sell, and if the price reach these areas, I apply spot analysis (candle patterns, price action patterns, VSA             , clusters), correlate a tendency with the global trend, calculate reward to risk ratio and I enter/do not enter a position.

However, today we will talk a little about the future movement. On the one hand, I believe that BTC             will support the MTL" level (the upper line of the slow trend channel MTL             - MTL"), on the other hand, we can see that in March-April, we will have a crossing of the BTL' fast trend, the STL'' medium-speed trend and the MTL'' slow trend. There is a substantial probability that it will be exactly this area marked red where bitcoin             will go and it may become the first stumbling block for its further growth (the first correction may occur before the further growth).

And so far we can work according to the plan, as we potentially have about 100% of profit ahead before the first possible significant correction)))
It's a thankless task to do guesswork, but these are my thoughts)
Good luck, success and profits! Thank you!
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