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BTC' last wave down

So I'm positive about BTC             .
Its in the fifth wave of its correction.
We saw the A and B (5-3) and now C(5).
This is more clear on the MACD where we see 5 waves.
I think we're going down towards the 6500 ish             levels.
This is the point where its extremely oversold on the daily RSI and the fifth wave ( MACD ) is ready.
From here the beautiful 'moon' is in sight.
Get ready to buy around this levels.
Make sure your ladders are good and have PATIENCE.
We can also go sideways from the APEX point, only volume confirmation and hype will bring it towards its new target (50k ish             )

Bình luận: So we are in the laddering zone.
Can it go lower? YES
Will it go lower? I don't know, nobody knows.
I see a bounce on the 6k forming a support level.
If it hold and the bounce will be high enough, I think this was the lowest low we had.

The future will show us.
Bình luận: Daily MACD is starting to turn towards a buy-signal.
Watch for cross-over
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