Bitcoin push to 9500$ forecast price BTCUSDT Bitcoin dollar

There is a " missing peace on right side of the picture in a value over 6000 dollars in one instance.

That peace will be closed regardless if someone opposes or not.

Many will lose, but only the one who are buying Bitcoin             and stories about bullish Bitcoin             .

Bitcoin             is not bullish , it is bearish , but pushed by the blue guys and it will eventually end up falling dragging everyone and everything.

Don't participate in the hype, because it will be corrected.

All stories about either Litecoin or Ethereum             Classic and so on and so on will be decreased big time, despite having fork with airdrop.


Don't fall with Bitcoin             .

Super mega bullish altcoins regaining value as writing this article could very fast be cut off on the half of uptrend as Bitcoin             ends up failing to breach 9500 and having reversal to 7850 value.

Will that level be able to compensate having in mind Bitcoin             is artificially pushed?
Therefore slingshot effect steps in and takes his place in price reversal increasing momentum.

I don't think it will hold, price could go easily to 5500 level which will be retested heavily (so it won't act stable).

We won't have "big rebounce" because that level of support is already "partly damaged".

What i want to say is " TRADE VERY VERY CAREFULLY UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCIES" or don't trade at all untill we don't experience dip when Bitcoin             will retest " lows"

Don't get tricked by market makers or incompetent persons aiming for non realistic values.
When everything is " ideal" anyone could be analyst.
But in these extreme conditions, we will see how many are up to the task.
Thank you for reading and pay attention as situation developes

Giao dịch đang hoạt động: While Bitcoin is getting pushed and people obviously still believe in bullish Bitcoin, despite fact it broke 9500 level of resistance and can go to 10,500 level or EVEN 11,700 level, this Bitcoin price is UNHEALTHY and has no neither mathematical, nor economical grounds for an uptrend on the half of downtrend wave, which is nothing but the PUMP.

This situation appears to be false/positive, also know as HUGE BULL TRAP happending in front of our eyes, while people are still in denial.

Judging by analysis it could be double bull trap, same as the one while attempt of breaking 13,500 three weeks ago.
The difference is that is "happending on lower levels" and nothing else.
I would not suggest anyone to trade under these very suspicious circumstances.
USD/USDT only.
IF you decide to trade, use a stop loss (it's a must), but i would not advise any kind of trade.
While doing so, you are doing it at your own risk.
Bitcoin is bullish on short them, but bearish in general and it WILL SINK DEEPER.
Good luck
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Considering the movement has been artificially changed because of price pumping we will have DOUBLE BULL TRAP.
We don't have clear movement here.

This bullishness is nothing but the temporary hype and it WILL BE CORRECTED by going down only and (by my opinion) everyone being bullish will bleed badly (4th time in a row), by calling bullish when it's not proper time for it.

However, we could possibly use this situation to our advantage.
Considering the price is 9856 in the moment of writing, i do expect price to go to 10500 level, then we should have drop to aproximately 9.300 and then it will probably rebounce to 11.500-11.700 level.
After that i would suggest cashing out the positions, beacuse we expect price reversal.
Be advised that enviroment is very unsafe and regardless all the indicator and thing which people are using when trying to predict Bitcoin movement, Bitcoin is constantly overbought and while 20 times being barish makes 20 uptrends, but that's not my argument.

This pump is not justified by any cause (my opinion), but as i see it under these ARTIFICIAL VALUES, it will lead us in a double bulltrap (i repeat, yes), because it's trying to leave an impression of being absolutely bullish by any indicators, but eventually Bitcoin WILL FAIL.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Ideal scenario would be from this instance

-Drop to 9.100 level (using a stop loss) (possibility)
-Uptrend to 10500 level
-Downtrend to 9000 level (aproximately)
-Uptrend to 11.500-11.700 level
CASHING OUT YOUR POSITION and leave it in order to see how situation develops .
Good luck
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Btc will have price reversal to 8800.
That's our rebuy.
Current price 9876$ on poloniex.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Once again for all people following this chart.
Having in mind price level is artificially pumped to a higher price range we could experience two huge bull traps.
As following, each of them will be bigger than the previous.
Current price of Bitcoin on Poloniex is 9852$, minimal price of Bitcoin before next uptrend will be 8800$.
Then, Bitcoin should make uptrend to 10500$, that is our first EXIT POINT (Cashing out your positions).
I will keep updating post.
Thank you for reading it.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Bitcoin is aproaching 10500 level (10221) in the moment of writing.
Considering we are waiting for rebuy and we haven't saw any serious correction so far, even if we expected with S/L, w we will probably see it as Bitcoin trying to breach 10500 resistance (it's an additional resistance), not main, main will be at 11,500-11,700 value.
We are waiting for price reversal in order to rebuy at 8800$ (aproximately 9000 price would be as good), because projected price would be around 11,500-11.700 (maximum price)
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Bitcoin is heading toward 10500 for a second time while big buy orders are being triggered from the order book as well as orders who appear suddenly (5 Bitcoins, 10, 15, 25) while there is no sell order bigger than 0.5 Btc (Poloniex).
That means (once again) that someone is intentionally buying Bitcoins on this price constantly (and artificially) increasing price.
Those guys will be also the very first one to sell it of course and it could cause price dumping.
Dont rush with rebuy, do it on dip (8800), because as heading toward 10500 level it will most probably fail to breach it and it will make retracement since we haven't saw correction despite price is being pumped.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Regardless this situation 10817$ in the moment of writting (Poloniex),
I would not advise anyone to participate in this HYPE and nothing but the HYPE.
Correction is the only thing we should be interested in.
8800-9000 (but not ABOVE 9000$) would be our potential rebuy.
Don't participate in this "game" of price pumping untill price is being corrected.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: I belive many people will say " Ohhh you are still in denial"
" this is so obvious" and many many similar comments''

Anyway, that same people believing in bullishnes of Bitcoin WILL END UP DISSAPOINTED.
I would not pay a single dollar for this Bitcoin regarding the situation (even if it goes to 12k from this instance), none of "reasonable" people should not participate in this game called " Bitcoin price pumping"
Bình luận: It's cleverly manipulated.
However, manipulators seem to look at indicators to determine how far they can push.
They now know that a pump works only if it's credible.
So they try to manipulate indicators to persuade more investors to put money in.
And people will think this is regular thing, bullish Bitcoin.
Deception, but very clever.
I agree its manipulated and all that stuff blah blah. We in a bear market and unless ur a trader u should stay away. I could careless if this is just a pump or whatever u want to call it as long as its trending upwards to new highs. Im in
Phản hồi
noobs to the core
Phản hồi
Let me ask you straight: is there a point when you'll admit you were wrong? You cannot take this further 6 months and if it crashes then, say I told you so. Losing 6 months of growth isn't going to mean you were right.
+2 Phản hồi

thanks for your work it is good to read some other sights as from the big amount of other guys
and pls could you tellus something about your duration of timepoints is it based on FIBO time or awhat else?

could it be that the correction is ending approx at the point of 4800 instead of down to 3000 ??
the 4800 are the 23,6 % of f FIBO starting from the low of 154 up to high of 19892

also please can you tell me a possibility for going BTC short e.g. with derivates ( certificate or similars)
which i can handle from europa too ( for example at what broker in US too or some other possibilities)
due too i am from austria and cannot find a proper short for BTC at my brokers
pls apologize my poor english

+1 Phản hồi
I think we will see BTC at 11.5k to 12.8k range now. Then some sideways action for a while and may be some pullback to 9k around mid March. Reason will be G20. Only extremely risky investors will buy above 12k range now.

Every government is talking about regulations but no gov is interested in spending money to regulate cryptos. Once it gets out of hands, i.e. more than 25% of terrorism related payments are being made via cryptos instead of the current 5% level, they will order all of the banks and financial services providers like Paypal, OKpay and others to cut ties with crypto exchanges altogether. China has set an example. Rest of the world has a model and they will follow.

It will happen sooner or later, no matter what whoever says. This is the only way they will damage cryptos. When that happens, BTC will probably lose 99% of its value at that time.

With cryptos, they have another tool to put the blame their enemies. As a bonus, they can and will make big $$$$. Starting with tax, confiscations, auctions, and other ways. They will not shut it completely ... ever.

The show will go on... we will see the cryptos go up and down. Time it right and be patient. Play along and we can make $$$$ too ;)
+2 Phản hồi
milanjelic doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, Or when it passed 20.000 billion (usa+china gross product) it could be a breaking point as we are speculating.
I totally agree about overall picture explaination and know/how goverment vs crypto in the future.
We could certanly buy very cheap Bitcoin before any serious bullrun.
Confidence in Bitcoin will constantly decrease, so, eventually it could be bought as you explained, so "investors" will have something like at least 200 time ROI.
From 11,700 will go downwards to 8.000.
Few days calm period (which will allow altcoins to grow)
Then bleeding all the way down to 3000 level.
+1 Phản hồi
dont smoke, bro!
Phản hồi
here's the thing. it is being pumped. i agree on that. but then being released at 12k to fall to 7k? 3k? nah. they wanna pump it to 6digits before releasing. if you look at daily/weekly log chart for past years, we still have a lot of room in the parabolic advance before blowing off. mainstream media and general public will start buying soon when they realize "bitcoin winter" is over. then we will see massive pump and mania. everyone who is waiting for correction since 8k... is and will be missing out. spot trading should be ok here. leveraged is very risky, have to monitor btc 24/7.
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