BTG Sure Gains, Just Hold in it

We could be seeing a similar breakout case to that of BCD             , but less extreme due to the nature of BCD             compression, slipping the mind of people, and then large natural growth. BTG             is well on its way to a similar growth pattern, if you want to day trade then jump in and out. My advice is not to worry and just hold in it.

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Giao dịch bắt đầu: 5 minute time scale; very nice cup and handle, handle is done forming
Bình luận: fyi slow volumes for today, monday news is supposed to be announced for bitcoin gold
Bình luận: Watch the volumes as they are fluctuating showing that btg is being manipulated around, if the first thing you do when you see a graph move down slightly is panic you shouldn't be trading crypto. This has been listed as a long term pick for me.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Watching an upside down cup formation on the 15 minute charts, this means it is likely to rise slightly to 0.02 before a sharp drop to 0.0187 or 0.016 which I'm sure will be a fast movement (sell at 0.02, then wait for its base to buy and gain coins). If you bought at a higher level then this will make up for losses before we see a good uptrend. I've also noticed a large buy wall at 0.0115 like someone is anticipating it will go to that level. If it drops that low then we are looking at gaining a lot more coins when we buy in! :)
Bình luận: I'm watching a bull pennant formation, instead of the previous comment, and will be posting a new chart showing the pennant when it is confirmed. If it is a pennant, it will bounce off of 0.0182 btc and move up again; else my previous comment holds true. The bull pennant would be a very strong indicator that a break out is within a day or so. (Just letting people know who are not on discord so everyone isn't setting a buy at 0.016 and going to sleep)
Bình luận: New chart posted; you can still hodl long term, but I'm concerned about the bearish market right now leading to a drop to 0.012 where I have a buy set
FYI this is still a great long term hold, I'm unsure how there is confusion regarding it's short term progressions. If you can't day trade, walk away for a few months/weeks rather than staring at the graphs for days.
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Erg...BCD, all hard forks etc are sitting right on their triangle supports. Could break either careful with these PnDs.
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available on binance:
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Could you pls update when breakout begins
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@Axoi, sure
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@Axoi, If I'm watching at the time
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at least we must hodl till monday
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buying right now a good idea?
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Flash_back cdittrich13
@cdittrich13, IMHO yes, we are just above the breakout and with these target you are looking at 200% - 300% gains even at this buy in.

DYOR as always though.

FYI, I'm in BTG as well.
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