BTG/USD potentially very bullish!

Hello Everyone!
I have been very bullish on BTG and I hope it does well... because if not, I go broke lol.
but giving a unbiased look at this I can see a nice bullish symmetrical Triangle that seems to be DONE!
Although I am holding BTG I try my very best to be very realistic on all of my count.

Note the bullish piercing of the bottom end of the triangle around the Orange (E). This is a nice indication of a trend reversal as I have stated before on my XVG post. You can also view all my posts on Steemit as well @cryptoSuf where I am more active! Come join me on my journey :)

As you can see I plotted a potential price pathway in a small blue impulse for what would make a bigger wave 1 (WHITE)

Lets see what happens and always remember that anything could happen and its all about whats more probable.
This is just my two scents :)

Lastly, please follow and like and share if you think this has helped you or entertained you in any way!

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