BTSUSD : panic and fear are good opportunity indicator !

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Hi guys,
I bet some of you know about the market cycle concept where after our 400% run correction appears.

I dont know how to explain it but i always find it humoristic when people start showing fear. Things need to be put in perspective, like i said, we just made a 400% run in less than a month. After sunny days we should expect rain. Nothing goes straight to the sky, everybody should know that. Thats why im here, in a calm mood listening to christmas song and dont bother about this drop, because i see the bigger picture. This is in these moment that you start to know the real you, that you start thinking, that you start getting better. Life is a constant learning process and every day you should try to understand instead of letting emotion overwhelming your mind. Thats why i love TA, it put your mind to the task, trying to understand. This is not the highs that make you rich, its when you go down and make yourself a stronger mind that make you rich.

Take care, wish you all a merry christmas,
Love you all,
Excellent Simon
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merry christmas Simon!
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Thank you Simon! Keep it up please!
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Simon, thnx for the analysis. Why did you mark your post as "SHORT" ?
You expect wave 5 to go lower before consolidation ?

Did you see this ? This might boost BTS to record high levels...
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@MaxL82, short because i dont expect this low to stay for a long time. Thanks for the news. Didnt know !!!
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MaxL82 SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, thnx.
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