OANDA:CHFJPY   Franc Thụy Sỹ/Yên Nhật
CHF/JPY             is normally a pair to just stay the hack away from, But when I see a gartley , a pitchfork , and the 200 MA on weekly all converging, you have my attention. Especially when it made a corrective move up to it within the range of a possible larger corrective pattern with potential of breaking the low. Could have already taken some nice pips off the table on this one a couple times since I posted it. But you have to understand that harmonic patterns can expand, and MA's and pitchforks are meant to be broken. There is divergence, but I also see the possibility of some room up on higher time frames as far as overbought is concerned, but the divergence can throw that off, I'm all about patterns and price action. Maybe we get it, maybe we don't. Maybe we get a huge wick on weekly, so you have to know how to enter and manage a trade to profit and protect your investment. I would have liked to have seen a more confirmative looking 5 wave on this leg up on 4 hr             for purpose of overall potential pattern on the daily/weekly. Regardless looking strong for a longer term sell. I am going to do a weekly outlook video so I will stop posting to save for the better overall week setups... beforehand. Beforehand is always better right? Be careful guys, NFP week so going for swings early in the week can be fairly fruitless, but finally gonna get some real news drivers starting to happen, so be ready.
Bình luận: I mentioned in my live webinar tonight that I thought chfjpy would go up some more.
Remy Martin (pipdr)
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