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CL - Crude with three potential targets

NYMEX:CL1!   Hợp đồng Tương lai Dầu thô nhẹ
This is a wild ride, but we are not unhappy don't we ;-)

The prior LT chart gave us a great indication about the fall.
A closer looks reveal that the drop from above is the logical swing that markets do.

Well, we have a couple of them as you see on the chart.
See the circles? One at the A/R-Shift, and two other ones at the different centerlnes.

First I even expect a pullback, since markets swing.
The yellow, thin down sloping mini Forks centerline is key!
If price jumps above it, we can expect a bigger pullback.
If price just test/retest it, then another entry is praying to be taken.

So, let's be patient, ride the grumpy bear and see if we can load up some.

Looking at this chart, what would be your next target?
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I was looking back through some of your older posts to see how they turned out longer term...wanted to bring your attention back to this one so you could see the success of this analysis.

Good job
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forker TexasTower85

Thanks TT.

Basically it was the Market who did the job hehe...
The only thing I can do is, to apply my knowledge, wait for facts and act on my rule based trading framework.

Have a sunny day and thank you for your time and comments.

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