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Crude CLH18 AB=CD Bear pattern

Please see chart for detail. CL             has satisfied the technical's for the AB=C pattern with the Asian/Euro session price jump.
Watching for the D move down now.

If anyone noticed the price point bars are using candle body only. This is a Duomo method tactic that I prefer after seeing how time profiles work.
It is personal preference for tighter entry/exit strategy but adjusting your strat with wick to tail measurements will also satisfy the study.

Bình luận: Just want to add, with AB=CD patterns the C leg is key. Satisfying a .618 does not mean we are a go to leg D. It means .618 is satisfied and .786 could still be which is 65.70 price range.

Always have a plan for your plans because this aint easy.
Bình luận: 4641 then -3000
Bình luận: apologies, that comment was for a sarcastic BTC study that somehow ended up on this one, buggy
Bình luận:
if we exceed the study origination @66.24 the AB=CD pattern is nullified
Đã hủy lệnh: the pattern has been compromised

oil has everything to adjust down...

except usd just might be crashing
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