CND/BTC Falling wedge pattern is forming

BINANCE:CNDBTC   Cindicator / Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations Rank 74 Cindicator ( CND             )

CND/BTC             is forming a falling wedge pattern at this moment.

We are waiting for a breakout with significant volume for an entry, stop loss to be set under support level stated by Ichimoku analysis.

Therefore keep an eye if the falling wedge pattern breakout happens near 0.0002500

Good Luck
where to now el capitan!!??
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CND is very strong right now. It is holding up extremely well during this crash. In fact, it is one of the only coins which seems to have demand at the moment. People do not seem to be selling.
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@mxcrypt, this is my long term HODL coin. I love the idea and i’ve always been totally intrigued by AI... The prediction engine is very accurate and this could be the ground floor of a top ten coin
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mxcrypt PRO BenWechsler
@BenWechsler, the more I research this project, the more I am convinced on CND. I was actually in quite early and sold somewhat off the maximum. However, after doing my research, I decided to buy back my entire stake in CND during the crash. I honestly believe that a market cap of 2bn will be no problem for this coin short term as the project starts to prove itself (few months perhaps). Right now, there are still not so many people that even know about CND. In the longer term, I think we could see it up there in the top 20 if not the top 10! The project is amazingly innovative and it offers so much value. HODL my friend!!
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