CINDICATOR (CND) - Elliott Wave Prediction

BINANCE:CNDBTC   Cindicator / Bitcoin
Wave 5 bull run not exceeding Wave 3 to complete Motive wave before initiation of Corrective wave. If current interpretation holds true, consider next entry end of correction.
*Caution: Elliott Wave predictions have not been completely developed.

- Elliott Wave 5 possibility
- Green cloud (buying pressure)

- Recent T&K bear cross may drive price lower. Looking for T&K bull cross to confirm upward momentum.
- Price-T&K ambiguous. Looking for price to go above T&K for Price-T&K bull signal.

Entry @ 2600 (Target ~3000)
Be extremely cautious of a truncated 5th wave. This kind of regression cannot be predicted & is strictly on the comfort of the investor. This kind of bull market truncation will result in a premature price decrease secondary to an early correction phase than what was anticipated.

-1-Hour Interval: Price currently within cloud will determine momentum/trend. Where the price exits (above or below) will help determine next action. Assuming T&K bullish signals, price return above the cloud will provide confidence in bullish run. Price breakout below cloud will likely result in bearish downward movement. Current buyer-seller opposition is about equal. Both volumes are decreasing at similar rates but selling wall seems slightly higher at close prices.
-5-Minute, 15-Minute, 45-Minute Intervals (not shown): Price currently attempting to enter/breakout of cloud from below to enforce bullish momentum.
-4-Hour Interval (not shown): Price currently challenging cloud support from above & has not entered. T&K lines are overlapping and cannot be interpreted accurately.

Exited 1/4 shares @ 2600 (net loss from fees)

Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: POSITION
Closed @ 2450 (Stop-Loss triggered)
Net @ -5.8% loss

Poor interpretation & analysis. Knowing the foundation of coin does not translate to understanding its volatility.
I've found that TA is not reliable with the current BTC volatility. As soon as BTC makes a significant run or drop it disrupts the patterns of most alt coins. Your TA looked great under normal conditions. This was looking like a perfect Elliott wave formation.
Phản hồi
Great TA, thank you for your comprehensive view.
Phản hồi
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