CTRP has recently seen a dip, despite their strong financials. I'm looking to swing from 47-57 (roughly). It's at a significant discount, and I expect it to rise. I'm going all in tomorrow most likely (depending on open).

My portfolio is only worth $2850. I'm a 17 year old investor, who has about 6 months of experience actively trading. Despite blowing up my initial investment of $250 (to about $100), I'm up about 7.5% total, on my invested amount of $2650. If you like this idea, you can follow, and I'll be posting more. Cheers.
Bình luận: Update: I can't believe this was the kind of idea I had just three months ago. The trend line is blatantly off, for some reason I chose 3 hr intervals to view over three years worth of chart, and worst of all, it ended up being a losing trade! It's interesting to me to look back at this and see that I've learned how to do some basic things, and it feels like this was so long ago. I hope every three months I can look back and feel like I have improved as much as I feel I have now. I know there's so much more to learn, and I hope to learn something new every day.
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