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Copper Rally - Wyckoff Analysis 5D TF - LONG - $CUU

Classic Wyckoff setup. So good.

5-year downtrend led to a Selling Climax, which was followed by and Automatic Rally.

Accumulation period was 1 year.

Spring and Secondary Test followed to start the new rally.

Signs of Strength and LPS combo = rally

"A series of SOS’s and LPS’s is good
evidence that a bottom is in place and Price
Markup has begun."

The rally has started. #BTFD, buy the dips, unload/reload at pull backs at own risk.

Targets: Fib levels displayed on chart.

If fractals play out, it is a slow and steady climb up for the next 2-3 years.

If $copper breaks all resistance levels, it could ignite a an intense move upwards before correcting long term.

Note: Copper leads the way for Gold and Silver (lagging the most). This is the pattern $Silver will eventually show after accumulation.

Copper is used in industrial infrastructure. China is a big player due to economic reasons.
Automotive demand forecast by the International Copper Association:
Electric cars
Battery manufacturing

$CCU $Copper $XAG $Silver
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