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The next Altcoin to go up BIG...

BITTREX:CVCUSD   Civic / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
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Civic has bottomed. I have been waiting to buy at a good price for 6 months and we are finally in a zone where I am comfortable exchanging my btc .

Buy them when they're sleeping, sell them when they're leaping.

Disclosure: I do not buy any altcoins that do not have what I believe are extremely strong fundamentals. That means I do my research on the team, tech, and who believes in the coin (is it someone I have respect for? Do I have a strong understanding of his/her fundamental strategy?). However, I will never buy a coin unless the technicals fit my strategy and my trading protocols. I don't care if Billy Gates and Warren Buffet said buy. If the chart isn't pretty, then they could have it. I know my strategy like a businessman knows his/her product, so my view is always the number 1 priority.

Cedric Dahl introduced me to this coin. He is on youtube. I have a lot of respect for his fundamental analysis .
Bình luận: Pay attention to the deep wedges against Bitcoin. (Don't care what it's performance is in relation to ether right now because bitcoin is stronger than ether at the moment.)

Bình luận: +45% against BTC. I continue to believe there's more room to run.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: took profit at .48, converted to BTC
Bình luận: I plan on buying back at almost the same price I entered into last time (.23 cents)

Buying in purple.
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