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3D Systems ready to print a 3D bull

Here is my EW analysis for DDD . It clearly looks like we are in an ending diagonal (which is usually a very bullish sign long term) We are just waiting for our 5th and final wave to complete itself in the wedge , Usually the last wave (e or wave 5) under or over-shoots the triangle trend line , so don't be surprised if it dips below the line (or doesn't quite make it) What we are looking for is high volume on the move back up. Mind you this is a weekly chart, so play long to win! Goodluck.

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Here is a close up of the current wave we are on. We may be close a reversal, as there is a lot of volume, and we are approaching oversold levels, but I would wait for a bounce - then follow. Im hoping for a target around 15https://www.
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