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DGB-BTC killer hodl for 2018, 189% ++ profit potential

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Howdy, let’s take a look at one of my favorite picks for 2018, Digibyte ( DGB             ).

Fundamental drivers:

Marketing Overhaul Begins Feb 1:


With over 100,000 full nodes (compared to BTC's 11,000), Digibyte is highly decentralized. Digibyte uses five separate mining algorithms to ensure mining decentralization. It’s also one of the oldest blockchain projects out there (2013), with early SegWit implementation. It offers super fast transactions.

For those who know da woo, Clif High’s web bots have found hints of a “minor mania” for Digibyte in the summer of 2018. Considering the man’s accuracy up until now, I’m more than happy accumulating DGB             at these current levels. Now’s a killer time to be shopping.

Official website:


DGB             has respected a global Fibonacci range ever since the enormous run-up in the summer of last year. I would argue that it is now in a good range to begin some harmonic kind of movement, but first let’s establish some congestion zones and look at the Ichimoku .

The Ichimoku cloud is lining up almost perfectly with this Fibonacci range.

The Higher lows in price and lower lows on the RSI indicate hidden bullish divergence , while declining volume and a symmetrical triangle forming with the 50 and the 200 MA are creating a solid base for a sort of bull flag . It could be a pennant and will need more time to consolidate. The Ichimoku cloud has flipped bullish just as there was a golden cross of the MA’s a week or so ago. Here I see a pattern similar to some other reputable projects out there — en edge-to-edge cloud break, followed by a retracement to the top of the cloud, and then the establishment of a new price floor. Bulls would be careful, however, as it is beginning to look like a head and shoulders pattern. Now all of this may be difficult to see at once (unless you’re as bugged out as I am), but I also see what could be a bullish pennant forming in the RSI . Bollinger bands included to show how tight the price is getting.

Here’s the triangle using the 200 MA as the base. Long term I see a lot of upside for DGB             , though it may end up consolidating for many months so I’m not so interested in it for swing trading. Below are your levels indicated by blue horizontal lines.

These targets are primarily based on the Ichimoku , the global Fibonacci range, and previous congestion zones discovered around those areas.

Entry: 0.00000355 - 479
Target 1: 0.00001074
Target 2: 0.00001383
Giao dịch bắt đầu: I'm resurrecting this old idea as it seems the markets are starting to wake up. BTC may have another strong leg down to form a reliable higher low to boost us into a bull run, or at least get us to higher levels so that we can begin to consolidate at higher prices.

I've laid out some key price levels to watch out for, one being right around the corner. The alts are following BTC, so don't be afraid to move into fiat if BTC begins to look heavily overbought on multiple time frames.
189% is NOTHING

Is it exciting or what ?

only 189% during whole year = crypto FUNERAL

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damdamm damdamm
@damdamm, except horrible turn over GREAT WORK
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@damdamm, Where do you expect DGB to be by the end of the year?
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damdamm RotiWokeman
@RotiWokeman, $0,50 up to $1 should be real worth TODAY but as I see competition is fighting with price of DGB very much cause they know that behind it stands technology. That's why we should expect this levels scarcely by the end of year. They are not giving hopes or selling dreams - they have really great and working product in opposite to most fresh made ICOS which grow easily like mushroom after rain. So I believe DGB price is constricted theses days and deserves to be one of golden choice of 2018.
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damdamm damdamm

And of course it depends what condition of BTC will be by the end of year as for that moment it is connected by many correlations.

Here you have my view against USD.

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@damdamm, Awesome I'll respond in more detail later, got a busy day ahead.
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@damdamm, I agree that this is a solid asset to hold longer term, but resiliency takes time to develop. I wouldn't even compare this to the likes of XRP which was manipulated some way or another. But your analysis of DGB-USD is quite good, and I think we must consider the USD value of BTC in the future as well. However a diversification of dominance in the market plus an intensification of capital outflow from traditional markets into crypto will both be a boon for DGB and other assets like it. Thanks for including the USD analysis, it's something I've been meaning to do more of. The analysis of the BTC pairs only goes so far.
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