DigiByte: are we in a market reversal?

POLONIEX:DGBUSD   DigiByte / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Spotted DGB             about a week ago, forming a nice rounded bottom.
The first signal of a nice market reversal..

A few days later we see it got turned down by major resistance level . made the market bearish for a couple of days but then it happened
  • (chart: 1 day candlesticks )

    1. The side day bar (a candlestick having a smaller body than the previous day). (If bullish candlestick => higher open and lower close/highers low and lower high of the body).
    2. The newt day closed strong on the high (market reversal?)
    3. The bulls took over completely and made todays             candle close above the resistance, making it a very good possible new support level .

    We will pretty sure get a pullback to test the (new) support line. (market must breath)
    If we close the weekend above the support line a would suggest getting in long on this one.

    Personally we are in the trade for 1/4 already, just in case bitcoin             might pullback big time and a lot of money would get in the alts.

    Get in trade: $0,019 - $0,020
    take profit: ? (depends on btc             )

    If this post was helpfull to you please leave i like. And if you would like to see more of these price analyses, you can follow us.

    Profitable Regards and Merry Christmass,

Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Didn't think we would reach current price this soon..
Due to the extra +20% Totalmarketcap (all coins) flowing in this week we reached it very fast and doubled our money.
It could be going up some more but i wouldn't recommend staying further in the trade.

Take profit and/or leave a bit, depending on your tradingstrategy and long term thoughts on DGB.
dgb was promoted to 11th place in the volume on POLONIEX.

DGB has gone much further: DASH; ZEC; LSK
Phản hồi
@aero1, agreed.
We saw it coming big time.
So many signs and uppicking volume.

I think we're gonna colsolidate a bit before testing ATH.

Congrats with your profit's
Phản hồi
aero1 PRO Perspect
@Perspect, thank you, my pleasure :)
Phản hồi
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