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Use Case: Integrate DGB Blockchain with Tesla Energy Products

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I'm going out on a limb to predict that Digibyte will reach $1 by January 25, 2018. It stands to reason that this will happen if and only if we stay on the uptrend line that allows us to break upward out of the ascending triangle . It follows that this idea is invalid if we depart downward from the uptrend line.

Let's take a step back from the price and focus on how we can build more value into the Digibyte blockchain. We need not fixate on price like so many do on Twitter. Rather, let's focus on building applications and use cases for DGB . If we do this, then the price will follow.

Don't fall into the trap of seeking instant profits by riding a wave up and selling your position for meager profits. DGB is a long term investment because it is a solid open source project with so much potential.

Anyone who has done their research should know that DGB is the longest, fastest, and most secure UTXO blockchain in existence. The DGB community tweets about its superior technical aspects on a daily basis.

I think we can all agree that Digibyte has already solved the key problems that Bitcoin faces with respect to unconfirmed transactions and expensive fees. As is commonly stated, the DGB blockchain has 15 second blocks and can currently process 560 transactions per second. DGB scales to 280,000 TPS by 2035. A transaction fee on the DGB network is far less than one cent. This holds true even for large amounts! And, DGB is the most secure UTXO blockchain since it uses five mining algorithms. If that wasn't enough, DGB activated Segwit in April of this year so atomic swaps and cross chain transactions are possible on the lightning network. Furthermore, there are over 110,000 nodes which makes DGB the most decentralized blockchain to date.

That being said, how do we take DGB to the next level? After all, we need to progress by building applications on the DGB blockchain and creating new use cases.

Now, I'll propose a use case to the DGB community and developers for consideration. First, it should be noted that I'm just a regular community member that wants to build more intrinsic value into DGB so that it grows in an organic way.

What if we integrated Tesla energy products with the DGB blockchain? Let me flesh out this idea.

Elon Musk could place the entire Tesla fleet onto the DGB blockchain. Smart contracts can be utilized to allow owners the option to loan out their vehicles to drivers while they are at work. Compensation would be in the form of Digibytes.

Furthermore, Tesla customers could purchase the option to upgrade their electric vehicles with mining hardware. This would make the DGB network more secure and more decentralized while putting the vehicles to work as an investment for the owners.

The DGB blockchain could be used to keep a record of the purchase, maintenance, and consumption of all Tesla energy products. This would include Powerwall storage batteries, solar systems, charging stations, and electric vehicles.

It is important to note that there are an infinite amount of ways to use the DGB blockchain but these are just a few ideas.

All employees of SpaceX, Tesla , and SolarCity could be paid out in Digibytes. They would receive payment in about 1.5 minutes for a negligible fee. Every employee would simply download a wallet to their smartphone and/or computer and provide their wallet address to the accounting department.

At this point, I would like to take a slight tangent and say that DGB would take its game to the next level if we can partner with Visa. We need a debit card that can be used by any person in the world. That way DGB can be spent on every day items, bills , etc.

It is important to note that Elon Musk has his hands in just about everything. He is one of the original founders of Paypal and he is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. He is a true visionary that is accelerating the world into the future.

If you like this idea, then let's reach out to Elon and make this happen!

Bình luận: @Andrew138, Thank you for such a nice comment!!

Well said. People need to realize that DGB can be used for so much more beyond processing micro transactions. Jared Tate has emphasized this many times.

John McAfee's endorsement is a major milestone for DGB. All of the people who dumped their coins for an infinitesimally small gain will pay the ultimate price. And, that cost is regret!

DGB is a beast when it comes to cyber security. This is its primary value and its applications and use cases are extensive.

I will say that John McAfee never encouraged anyone to buy a coin of the day and then dump it. On the contrary, his advice is to buy and hold long term since its value will grow exponentially upon mass adoption.
Bình luận: @ copytrader, Thanks for the constructive criticism. Your point is well taken. Let's see what happens.

Let me be clear though, this is not an attempt to hype DGB or to pump the price.

On the contrary, I seek organic growth in value. But that organic growth can only come with real world applications and use cases.

We have to build more value into DGB if we want to see sustainable growth in the price. It begins with ideas.

I'm not sure what you mean by unfounded ideas though. This is nothing more than a proposition. I never once declared it to be fact.
Bình luận: @dogpoo, Thanks for your nice comment!
Bình luận: Agreed. Mass adoption can only come if we make DGB applicable and useful to companies by demonstrating how DGB blockchain can be used in real world applications.
Bình luận: @Gabriel12345679, My pleasure. As a side note, this article isn't investment advice and should not be construed as such. It is important for each person to do their own research. These are my own ideas that I am voicing to the community and the DGB development team for consideration.
Bình luận: A comment about the price:

So many people complain about the valuation of DGB on Twitter. Apparently, they didn't perform very well in mathematics.

DGB is approximately 2,750 times more valuable today than in August of 2015!! That's $.08909472/$.00003240.

A word of caution:

Stop measuring the value of DGB in satoshi. Do your research on triangulation. DGB is paired with BTC and BTC in turn is paired with the USD and other global currencies.

Actually, there are nine different scenarios that could occur at any given moment with respect to the value of BTC and an altcoin.

Let's do some math. At any arbitrary moment in time, BTC can either go up, down, or remain constant. The same holds true for an altcoin.

That's three possibilities for each entity. Therefore, there are a total of nine scenarios to consider since 3 possibilities to the power of 2 entities.

Here are the nine scenarios that could occur at any given moment in time:

1. BTC increase, altcoin increase
2. BTC increase, altcoin decrease
3. BTC increase, altcoin constant
4. BTC decrease, altcoin increase
5. BTC decrease, altcoin decrease
6. BTC decrease, altcoin constant
7. BTC constant, altcoin increase
8. BTC constant, altcoin decrease
9. BTC constant, altcoin constant

It stands to reason that the best scenario is when BTC and an altcoin are increasing at the same time. Let's call this "Golden Age."

The worst scenario is when BTC and the altcoin are decreasing at the same time.

Every other scenario falls in between.

I really hope this is helpful to some people.
Bình luận: I would encourage comments. Let's discuss pros and cons and possible limitations of the ideas presented here.

Don't be afraid to be honest. I can handle critiques.
Bình luận: Another thought:

When DGB reaches $1 (whenever that is) no need to sell. That's just the beginning.

Those who hold long term always reap the greatest gains.
Bình luận: @machoolee, I did send out a tweet to Elon yesterday asking if he was interested in meeting Jared to discuss putting Tesla + SolarCity + SpaceX on the DGB blockchain.

No response yet.

We need the community to reach out to him with tweets that clearly demonstrate
the benefits of the DGB blockchain.
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: My projection for BTC:

Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: A bullish scenario:

Bình luận: Inverse head and shoulders formation on BTC & DGB charts:

So you want us to be honest... I think Elon Musk is mentally unwell and his crazy ideas won't help humanity at all. Otherwise, a great article on DGB :)
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The question is, did anyone from this chat group tweet Elon Musk what DGB can offer? What is the best way to approch Elon? We tweet him or ask Jared to contact him? Btw, I'm a long term holfer of DGB.
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Don't get me wrong, I'm a long term holder big holder of DGB and I'd love to see $1 DGB by january 2018. But proposing unfounded ideas with major companies and treating them as a underlying factor to support a weird TA-analysis shows you're just a little overhyped on this coin.
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JVallah copytrader
@copytrader, "long term bag holder", because you bought at the peak and watched it plummet to it's knees
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copytrader JVallah
@JVallah, It says: BIG HOLDER, not bag holder and I didn't buy anything near the previous top.
@BeingCryptic I didn't say he said it was a fact.... I said he uses "his proposed ideas"as a reason to support his TA, which I respectfully don't agree with. IN MY OPINION an Idea like this is just as arbitrary as I.E. Apple using it to pay for Iphone messaging, which is simply not going to happen.

Nonetheless I believe in this coin. I have been holding this coin for a while and will hold this coin for years, so you'll see me cheering when it does hit $1. That doesn't mean I have to agree with every chart which is posting this as a target.
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JVallah copytrader
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BeingCryptic copytrader

So many people have asked what are the use cases of digibyte. Here is someone who is taking the time to share some possible use cases. These are just some *idea's* of how Digibyte could be used. I did not see anywhere in the article where he stated it as fact. Something that is unfounded mean's it does not have a foundation or basis in fact. Idea's do not equal fact.

The TA is done using a log chart. Digibyte has respected the blue upward trend-line for quite some time now. As long as it stays in the channel it's heading to a $1. To me the the question is not *IF*, but *WHEN* is digibyte going to $1+.
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BeingCryptic BeingCryptic
@BeingCryptic, An unfounded idea sounds like an oxymoron.

Someone may have an idea to change the world, it doesn't mean they logically thought through the process of how it could work.

Idea always come first, then logic to see if it's possible and how it can be applied.
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copytrader BeingCryptic
@BeingCryptic, It doesn't sound like an oxymoron to me. The only oxymoron I see here is believing in the long-term value growth of DGB and charts being posted of $1 in January, which is simply unsustainable growth.

Idea's can be based on facts or have some valid reason to be considered. Which doesn't seem the case here in my opinion. Posting an idea that has no basis other than "Big company X could have a usecase for DGB" is nothing more (currently) than an arbitrary idea based on wishfull thinking and the euphoria of 8xing in a month in my opinion.

I did not see anywhere in the article where he stated is as a fact either, that's why I never said such a thing.

The reason for me owning DGB is because I think it has a lot of use cases too. I believe in it's long term potential and long term growth in value.

I just don't have to agree with a chart which extrapolates the skyrocketing gains we've seen in the last 2 weeks in a straight line up to a dollar in January 2018.

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