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Bình luận: @XenoBiologist, Yes, 7/2019 is one of my sell targets at around $12. My overall strategy is to sell at peaks of 1,3,5 waves with reentry on 2,4, and C dips. This way I can accumulate a stronger position in DGB without investing new capital while mitigating risk.
Bình luận: @XenoBiologist, I totally understand. And, my pleasure.
Bình luận: @Andrew138, Thanks!! I'm not sure how this will play out so we'll have to wait and see. A $12 valuation in 2019 doesn't seem unrealistic in my opinion. But, for that to happen, we would need to have aggressive rallies as demonstrated in the chart. I did my best to project realistic time frames but timing is very hard to predict. Direction of price movements is the focal point.
Bình luận: I'm currently working on a BTC projection which I will post in the comments once it is finished.
Bình luận: The following chart assumes BTC has finished its correction:

Bình luận: My prediction for BTC:

Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
This is an awesome chart! I hope you're right. So you're saying in about a year and a half DGB could be 12 dollars? That's beyond my wildest dreams (and, I have some seriously wild dreams lol) ! Good grief I would be tickled pink even if you're a quarter right! lol
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This is great, just over such long time frames I personally find it difficult to do I get impatient! Thanks for the chart!
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Aiming for July?
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