perfect fib consolidation on DGD

I wanted to share this because I thought it was cool.

A way to recognize consolidation into bullish overdrive. Perfect Fibonacci bounces respectfully 78% and and down to 23% where it narrows further into the fib channel between 62 and 38 percent before breaking through the previous high on high volume . This shows an almost guaranteed bullish momentum follow through, especially in a speculative market like this.
your idea is to hold this coin?
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@zarkav, Im not a crypto holder. Im all for making money on them short term but they are too volatile in my opinion to hold long term. DGD could go to 1000$ as much as is could go to 20$, your choice
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zarkav MysteriousPersian
@TristanKhanizadeh, Thanks for your answer.
How time trading is short term for crypto? houers, days, weeks?
For keep your money and profit, you change your crypto after trading to usdt or to btc or eth?
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@zarkav, I believe he means that he buy at the dumps and sell at the pumps. So it could be minutes or days.
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@zarkav, @MohanadKattan Indeed your correct, it can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. That being said I dont necessarily buy the dumps always, sometimes it can be worth it to buy a pump (like in the the case of DGD above). The first pump showed that there would be a second bigger pump, so I would've bought at 32 and sold at 50 or 60 (before reaching the top)
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MohanadKattan MysteriousPersian
@TristanKhanizadeh, I just bought DGD. I think it will get pump because all the market is recovering. But I won't sell before reaching the top, I'll sell as soon as it starts declining after reaching the top. My next step will be BCD. Good Luck!!
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MysteriousPersian MohanadKattan
@MohanadKattan, If you want a pump check out BLZ on binance
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MohanadKattan MysteriousPersian
@TristanKhanizadeh, Yeah it looks a good deal but my money now is stacked because DGD price declined.
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MysteriousPersian MohanadKattan
@MohanadKattan, DGD wont take off for another week. It is still in a cooldown period.
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MysteriousPersian MysteriousPersian
@TristanKhanizadeh, if you keep holding you will probably make good returns though. just be patient :)
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