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DGDBTC 10% Long Opportunity

Its pretty self explanatory. DGD has been going inversely to bitcoin since 3 days. DGD is a gold back cryptocurrency and due to the Tether FUD people are resorting to DGD .
It's apparent that bitcoin is going down.
MACD hasn't given the signal yet but its pretty close. Its a good time to hop in and ride the wave.
My target is conservative. If BTC goes down to 7k then we'll probably see All time high for DGD .
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: Though stop reached I'm gonna hodl. This coin gets pumped once a month. Instead of taking a loss I'm gonna hold.
Do you think it will go up again soon? It does not look like other coins now. It looks like it goes further down... And I have still a lot of coins in it :-( Should I sell?! Thanks!
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@chul2702, Maybe after a few months. Not anytime soon. I sold mine.
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DGD Moown!
Phản hồi
ShounakShetty Valdivia86
@Valdivia86, Since BTC support line of 8k was broken. We should see some fast price action
Phản hồi
Valdivia86 ShounakShetty
@ShounakShetty, Yes, very true. Confirmation of that same thing are all over the place, MOOWN! (Realisticly tho; waves. Buy low in the wave, sell high eg; sell @ 47/48k and buy back in when it swings back down to ~ 39k, the charts should hold out)
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ShounakShetty Valdivia86
@Valdivia86, Sadly it didn't go according to our expectations. Maybe in a few days we'll get a pump.
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Valdivia86 ShounakShetty
@ShounakShetty, I guess it was about time after a few days challenging BTC as it now moves like every other alt coin :(
I think we had the charts just about right though.
Good luck in your future trades!
Phản hồi
ShounakShetty Valdivia86
@Valdivia86, There was a pennant forming. Once it broke down then there was no coming back from it.
You too brother
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Hey wat u think, is used toxic now better convert to usd.?
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samsun samsun
@samsun, usdt not used
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