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Im watching DXY to short EURUSD as they run in opposite directions...... DXY is easier to predict as its in a bull flag . Im waiting for it to break to the upside..I think it may want to test the .23% fib at 95.38 and the support trendline before breaking to the upsode....SO I expect to find EURUSD in a high location when DXY hits 95.38 and I will short EURUSD and take profit at 1.117...completion of a Gartley pattern ....alternatively if DXY breaks up out of the flag before this I will still enter a short on EURUSD ....
Bình luận:

EURUSD in a bear flag...potential bearsih butterfly...really hoping DXY tests that 95.38 and we see a great short opportunity here
Bình luận:

just had a false back in flag...EURUSD up.....getting ready to short it at 95.38
Bình luận:

Bullseye !!!

Short opened on EURUSD
Giao dịch đang hoạt động
Bình luận:

Pin bar...just hit upper trendline..sshould go down from here..but I exit trade if it goes higher than this pin bar...
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ:

What looked like a bullflag is now a head...I will be buying euro when DXY forms a right shoulder in a few days from now...and I will look at buying oil around the same time...
Bình luận:

I will buy EURUSD if/when price hits this trendilne which is just past the .618 fib retracement...if price doesn't go this far there will be other opportunities to buy the now bullish EURO
Bình luận:

DXY may attempt a double top , i will buy EURUSD when DXY touches the top blue line or when it breaks the lower trendilne.......I won't rush in on the .618..I will wait for confirmation , I will look at buying GOLD as well as I can't see dollar going above the previous structure high so this could be the best time....
Bình luận:

Im now bullish on Dollar index....retracement from the head was only .38%...we have anew retracement of .786 which is bullish and the lower trendilne a potential bullish channel....


I will short EURUSD and GOLD when DXY hits support trendline, I will take some profit when DXY hits 95.94 as it completes a bearish butterfly there, I will let rest of my position run until DXY hits 96.8 which is completion of a bearish Gartley and upper trendilne resistance...
Bình luận:

DXY is a bullish im shorting EURUSD when DXY hits 95.32...EURUSD should be at the previous high or thereabouts
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: EURUSD was a bearish Bat...

Shorted it
Bình luận:

So far so good...another bat pattern (bullish developing on EURUSD)..I may buy it as insurance and win/breakeven....just in case the short fails....
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Ive come out because of the 100 retracement and DXY touching support again...breakeven trade...will reenter when I see a sign
Bình luận: bullish Butterfly pattern on DXY at 95.24..

I will try another short here for EUUSD

Bình luận:

looks like a convincing breakout but I will wait for the 1hour candle to confirm this...assuming it is a breakout I will now look at buying gold and EURUSD again....!!
Bình luận:


Dollar still in control...I will monitor over next hour...I think it may come out of channel again..not as low as I will look to short EURUSD again and GOLD possibly..
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: another short entered on EURUSD..SL is other side of resistance line 1.12500
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Break even...Eurusd is locked in sideway stalemate ...I will trade it when I see a winner
Bình luận: I will adopt strategy to range based instead of trend based on this pair for now
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