EOS - Price Structure

Traders, I hope you're all having an excellent weekend.

EOS/BTC was requested by one of my followers and I found the price structure extremely interesting, therefore, I'd like to share my thoughts with you all.

The chart shown is on the daily timeframe .

Considering this asset only has over 5 months worth of price history, it has more to show than the vast majority of cryptocurrencies in the top 50.

As soon as EOS became available we experienced an impulsive move over several days, followed by a 96% decline.

Once the bottom was found during late October, price climbed over the period of 5 weeks amounting to a 386% increase.

We're currently experiencing a correction period which is less than 45% as we speak, I'm expecting price to drop to the support level indicated which would be a 51% correction.

This would be a key area to buy EOS in my opinion, at 0.00020000.

Feel free to contribute to this analysis, if you have anything to share leave a comment below.
Bình luận: In comparison to the EOS/USD chart, price has now re-tested the all time high and the support trendline is holding extremely well.

The price structure is similar, almost as if EOS/USD is a month ahead :)


Taking a position based on a close above the ATH and EOS/BTC reaching solid support would be a good move.
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Spot on. Got a new follower =)
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Could you please make analysis for DGB)
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Don't forget that bitcoin might just pump to 30k anytime now, and leave EOS in the dust in terms of BTC value. As everyone will want to get out of EOS and into Bitcoin.
Phản hồi
do you make money trading? i just went through your trading posts and 90% are losses
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I`m too into Stellar since yesterday at 0.00000827 pretty sure there is something incoming :)

Nice Job Lewis! :)
Phản hồi
Zupi Fineson
@Fineson, STR/BTC completely failed!
Phản hồi
Hey I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts on ADA !! Looks very promising.
+3 Phản hồi
Lewis do you understand forks in the forks cryptos. I'm trying to ride the pump and dumps ICO but I'm not part of the major telegram groups that are manipulation the ICO.
Phản hồi
Lewis speculate on the whales and which ICO that will have manor shorts this weekend. There are so many shitcoins!
Phản hồi
Would you please look at XLM(STELLAR)? Thanks
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