THE Bounce Play you shouldn't miss out on again! ALTS

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Before the 7300 bottom (even if temporary) I put out a 'What is your plan' post, urging ppl to play the bounce even if they think BTC will go lower and in it I outlined one possible simple strategy which I'd like to share with you guys so you don't miss this type of chance next time.

Since Alts suffer more on downtrends they also bounce back more violently as they tend to be more oversold than BTC so the play at the bottom is to actually ignore BTC and jump into strong oversold alts, ride them from 24-48hrs and then put them in BTC or fiat depending on where you think market is going.
This wouldd have made a killing on every bounce on the way down but esp at feb 6 low where alts dbld in cpl days and then fell off as BTC took over and we see the same pattern repeat here over the last 2 days (almost). Above is a chart of EOS which serves as perfect example of my strategy....
I got in for 40% when BTC was 7500ish then after it bottomed I got rest in at 7300...average cost of EOS was about $4. Last night it completed 5 waves up where I sold at 6.20 for over 50% profits in about 30hrs! Best part is that you get to take your money back and let your profits ride if you like...I did by rebuying nearly all my profits at 5.50 and stashing those coins away for a longer term investment.

Check out my other post for more details but just wanted to share here that the STAY AWAY FROM ALTS belief when BTC is in uncertainty phase is garbage advice as IF you get into the alts when BTC seems to be temporarily reversing, these uncertainty flats and corrections allow those alts to run and you can gain massive profits....like 50% when BTC goes up 155. Then if it turns out to be a dead cat bounce, you have some profits, some free coins and your risk capital is unchanged or increased. And I'm not just nitpicking one alt that happened to work out.... ADA , XRP, IOTA, ICX TRX ....all my plays basically made 30-40% in a time BTC went up 15%, I am letting some capital ride as I don't think this bounce up is over and not all of them finished 5 waves like EOS has but the point is... NEXT TIME we have a dip and alts are massively oversold, GRIT R TEETH AND BUY, you only have to hold on for 48hrs to get massive gains and then you can return to the safety of fiat if you think downtrend will continue.

Enjoy free coins, they will reward you handsomely in a cpl yrs if not months.
Bình luận: Hope yall jumped in on alts and rode them bc many have dbld or nearly dbld and it looks like BTC is about to start the next leg up! TBH I have a tendency to get out early and have collected my free coins on the alts that have completed full 5 wave sequences up. Targets for profits were 9k 9.5k and 10.1k BTC but anything that doubled is just in house money now or with some capital invested if bullish like ICX or EOS (which didnt quite double but likely will go beyond that mark this week.
Will no longer post updates on this as the point has been proven and hope the profits have been earned. Dont feel bad if you got out with 50% profits and it went 100%. YOU GOT 50% in a few days! Good ol free coins will get sold in a few months or a year and then this bounce will really show its worth.
Bình luận: psssst.
Bounce play incoming. RSI crazy low on BTC daily. Alts will fly faster as BTC takes some relief. Not saying bottom is in and that we can't go lower...eventually. Just seems like a good spot to go long for few days, esp in alts.
That's great insight that more people should be following. These weeks when BTC freaks everyone out have repeatedly been my best weeks since Dec. and probably account for over 70% of my ROI in this year.
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BullWick Mycomorel35
Yup, I'd be broke without em lol. The big B 10k to 17k was massive for everyone, then 10k to 13k was 70% alt gain in 6hrs. never seen anything like it. obv 6k bottom was huge and now this bounce off of 7300 was even better than that one.
Glad to hear you've been taking advantage of the panic sells as well. If BTC falls out of this triangle it's in now and completes C wave down to 8K you will have more discounts. And if it falls as far as 7600 then it's a party for the next week to 10 days again. GL
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Great post, thanks for sharing this insight!! I do not know EW .. you mentioned EOS completed it's 5 waves - does that mean you think it's done for this bounce?
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BullWick Hologram2themax
@Hologram2themax, Depends how bullish it is really. These first 5 waves could be subwaves of wave 1 and with how bullish BTC is looking, it wouldn't surprise me to see $8-10 EOS within a week or 2. My current count is that EOS is putting in the B of its ABC correction now but if it pops over yesterday's high, that will make this an extended flat correction OR start of another wave up which would be super fast and extremely bullish (why it's probably less likely scenario).
GL trading
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@BullWick, Cool thanks! Really appreciate your insight!!
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