EOS led by Dan Larimer backed by

EOS has remained in the top 10 cryptos based on market cap even after the last two months of bitcoin             pulling back. The EOS ICO             ends in June 2018 and this coin is holding up quite well considering there are two millions coins created everyday.

When looking for a solid crypto, team and their reputation is everything. Larimer has had multiple successful projects such as Bitshares and Steemit. This year 2018 will be the year of DAPPS and who can actually deliver a product. Larimer's team along with have already started to deliver with the Airdrop of Everpedia.

Price Action:
Support seems to be holding strong at $6.86. If this level gets broken, I don't see it staying down below for long and could be a short term fat tail. EOS seems to be in a consolidation phase between $6.86-$11.19. We may need to get back above the 20 day SMA ($10.95) before we attempt to break back above the ATH             at $18.76.

See site for Whitepaper:

@Theta_Futures do you know if we need to register eos for june 1st and pull them of the exchanges?
Phản hồi
also cant find any update on Everipedia airdrop. most posts are since 14/1.
Phản hồi
@krunar, from what I have heard, the airdrop will be in late Feb or early March. You will want to register your tokens asap. Below is a link that may help.
Phản hồi
krunar PRO Theta_Futures
@Theta_Futures, dont you find a little annoying all this issue with register eos ? and how the value will be affected by all this new coins? i am very much tempted to sell it
Phản hồi
@krunar, we are still in the early stages of it all. The process will get easier as adoption grows. Patience.
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