EOS/USD Keep your eyes peeled! Decision time inbound. Watch BTC!

Hi guys

Looking at the EOS chart I came to this conclusion that no matter how EOS tries it just can't disconnect from BTC             . I've been reading EOS updates all week and still it can't get passed this 15USD resistance. Although this morning it looked like it broke it's downtrend but when it did, as you can see on the graph, people took profit and it went back down. The market is waiting on BTC             in my opinion. Yesterday I saw a massive BTC             buy wall at the 8-9K area. I think when this BTC             Futures contract expires tomorrow BTC             will have it's dip and I will buy this dip no matter how small. BTC             and all other ALTS will recover a bit and then we'll have to wait and see if they break their downtrends. If it reaches the 8-9k zone during the dip I don't know. I sure hope so but what you and I hope for is totally irrelevant and probably never gonna happen ;).

How about EOS? We'll like I said before. It's future lies with BTC             no matter how much updates Dan Larimer throws at us. I've put buys starting from 12USD all the way down to 7USD in intervals of 2USD. (12-10-8-7).
On the graph I have 2 scenarios.
1. EOS will re-test the 12USD support and then might decide to break the 15USD (I don't think so).

2. Or it might crash thru the 12USD support all the way to previous lows.

I'm either way prepared for both cases. I got a stack of USDT ready to buy any dip... today, tomorrow or the next :)
Good luck

TA über alles.

Hi thanks for the the report :) Speaking of the futures contract, which one expires? one already did but it was a week ago(Milestone: Cboe's First Bitcoin Futures Contract)
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