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ETC crossroad, the underdog with sharp teeth ?

KRAKEN:ETCUSD   Ethereum Classic / Đô la Mỹ
ETC is having it's protocol upgrade / fork today, in approx 7 hours ( google ECIP2017 for more info). The purpose of this fork is NOT a new coin (which is why we may see a very short flash crash), but a scarification and mining cap of ETC. I believe a good part is already priced in, but we have potential for further up in the next quarter

Fundamentally speaking, potential is here. ETC has a dedicated team, and is learning from ETH's professionalism, while having a lot more room to grow. Overall, ETCETH chart is showing signs of reversal (see next update for chart). It is aimed at a different market than ETH, and while the target for etc is actually half of eth's, the signs of reversal of ETCETH is telling me we might see a XRP / XLM rerun with the same decoupling of a sister coins. More or less a "half or quintuple your profits". Which is why I and some of my clients have been diversifying into ETC.

In the short term, the dollar value will directly depend on BTC's behavior, especially to futures and new year's sellout (book gains on new fiscal year), as it is directly in the middle of the channel, and accumulating above resistance. I expect the move to be sharp, but I am in since quite some time, and if you follow my other ideas, added ETC on dip after banking on ETH and then vice versa (trading ETCETH ), which allowed me to almost double my overall crypto position, split in both without adding any new fiat.
Risk reward is amazing in both BTC and USD value

If you have no position, try adding **slowly** around now, as the buying opportunity has passed and with a stop loss to not hold bags. I expect to see a rerun of my XMR analysis

Stay frosty
Bình luận: ETCETH
Bình luận: Talk about a late bloomer

Next target 0.0053 / around 100$
Bình luận: Targets unchanged, fundamentals not changed... However, delay might change (later than thought, up to march instead of february) depending on the next days. Expect huge fomo or dump, middle ground is less likely. I still favor bull run short term, and long term. Think of all the people that got impatient with siacoin's sideways and accumulation around 40 sats.

Bình luận: H&S invalidated, price held superbly, even in the worst BTC dumps

ETC is finally ripe. Expect a strong move very soon

Bình luận: Note that ETC/USD also has everything ready, with all indicators reset and ready for a new bull, a triple bottom on last all-time-high, with stronger and stronger rejections (higher highs), as well as a daily ichimoku cloud caught up, but rejecting the piercing several times despite BTC's dumps and the overall cryptocurrency market correction.
Bình luận: ETCBTC at its 4th try of piercing 0.0033 btc. For now so far so good. But the real test comes at 0.0038. This is to be a very, very, very hard resistance for ETC. I expect it to smash on it, and retest 0.0032 at least once. Bullish scenario, it pierces directly to 0.0044-0.0048, and comes back to test 0.0038.

If both hold (and especially 0.0033), we will see the true movement of ETC.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Short term and swing trade closed at 0.00384

Invest and half of the swing stack left
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Time to start rebuilding your investment stacks, slowly (more down probable don't go all IN)

Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: first target reached, running on profits now.
Waiting for a better dip to get back in, or if 24$ is broken while btc is stable.
Then sell it at least partially at anything above 30$ to buy back at 24$ once more, and see where the overall market is going

Giao dịch đang hoạt động: "waiting for a better dip"
Down from 24 to 17$

Up-Trendline (uptrend channel base) almost touched once more

I am getting my orders ready and switching to lower timeframes.

Stay frosty
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Cleaner version for update :

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