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ETCUSD - Copied and pasted in comments for easier read.

POLONIEX:ETCUSDT   Ethereum Classic / Tether USD
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May still have more downside to go. The same goes for most other crypto pairs as well. Just look at Godmode and you will see what I mean.

I pointed out in a previous publication regarding the "June Dump Month." I'm NOT surprised to see this MAJOR consolidation occurring at the moment. I KNEW it would be some time near the first week in June. Like clockwork.

Here is the chart on BTC where I marked the January and June Dump Months:

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Bình luận: I actually "sold" on all of my crypto last night. Things were just getting WAY TO CLOSE on the 12h and Daily TF's to hold any longer. I'm referring to the green line potentially coming down to touch the red line. Which would indicate downside.

Also, we were WAY ABOVE 80% on those indicators. Too obvious it was time to sell.
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Bình luận: I want to encourage everyone who is using Godmode with the inputs and LSMA with inputs I have instructed to pull up a chart with it in the 1m or 2m TF and watch the price action LIVE. This way you can get a better idea of how the lines work as I have instructed in my publication on Basics for HOW to use Godmode. Pay attention to when the lines are at or above 80% AND when the lines are at or below 20%. This way you'll have a better understanding of how they will work in the higher TF's. Only realize the higher TF's will take longer to play out.
Nice! , finally someone who talks about selling!

It was obviously going to drop, and I'm not talkin about btc only. ETH, and alts are not independent yet and respond dramatically to btc changes. In this case, BTC going up made alts go down, and btc going down made alts go DOWN!! -> No win situation = time to sell.

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@sthack, Yes, it was time for it as we approached the Dump month of June. Godmode indicator also indicated such.

You're correct. One MUST protect their USD Capital during times such as this.

I still don't believe we are finished yet. That's my opinion. I would be surprised if we don't go down to at least $9.00 USD. I actually hope we don't go down to $9.00 or lower. If we don't and rally upward again to make a new ATH, that would tell me the current geopolitical climate I'm anticipating in the future has arrived.
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