ETCUSD - 100% down to 22$ ( Possible to 15$ for 1ETC)

POLONIEX:ETCUSDT   Ethereum Classic / Tether USD
100% sure ETC down to 22$. Big chance will go down to 15$.
Bình luận: First target reached
Bình luận: Almost there - 2nd target
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Target reached. Thank You very much. Don't forget to like, comment and hate.
Regardless of what the dollar value is doing, ETC holders are going to benefit from the up and coming airdrop, whomever is invested in this coin should already know this. Why turn down free Satoshi? 30 days is not a long time to wait.
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Dont listen to this guy. Little expierience.
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@vetec, Thank You for Your comment. Can't deny one thing - price is falling.
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Seviii balocik
@balocik, Which prices are increasing?
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@vetec, Please let us see your charts. Maybe you are better than him
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i Keep seeing people posting about the airdrop and the hard fork. Bottom line however is that ETC will not be doing shit if BTC is in the can. We have seen it over and over in this market. There has been some great news for some of these coins like Ethereum, NEO, and QTUM. Please explain how QTUM is down to $30, after being at 70 when they have like 30 ICO's happening and you can only buy in with QTUM. Or the fact that Eth had two big ICO's start on the 31st and 1st. Yet here they are dropping like rocks. So until the bears decide to abandon their push down on BTC I am afraid none of these coins are going to do squat.
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ETC gonna 100$ by march 2018.
Look at that huge volume,
and it has great airdrop news.

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something I don't hear never in this world. "sure"
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