ETHBTC / Swimming With Electric Eels

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Really looking forward to see how Eth goes swimming with the Left Cross Heartbeat Lightning Bolt AKA Electric Eel

Will we see a max above 0.786 diameter fib then the bearish consolidation like a Sell candle max even if this is a Buy Candle max..

There in lies the $billion question..

Pretty safe to long to 0.786 fib I say ! but get ready to see last years min afterwards.
Bình luận: haha yeeeeaaahhh !!! nailed it !!
I have built an army of cyborg ninjas that give to charity !

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Looks like a fractal to me.We're are at the same peak at 3/26/17?
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Benjamix PRO Mikelikescrypto
@Mikelikescrypto, Yeah ! , Cool ! , I don´t actually know what you mean but I get that this is a fractal analysis.. Basically each Heartbeat has distinct echoes as time progresses.. I am humbly looking upon their volume distribution and comparing everyone I see categorising them as fast as I can.. It is a big job because they are everywhere but "we will get there" as a dear Finnish college genius of mine would say EVERY DAY hahaha
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dear Finnish college genius friend of mine ****
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@Benjamix, 12/10/17 to now, looks like the same pattern formed in march.
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Mikelikescrypto PRO Mikelikescrypto
@Mikelikescrypto, which also makes me think BTC is about to move up while ETH consolidates. Then ETH plays catch up.
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Benjamix PRO Mikelikescrypto
@Mikelikescrypto, I´m seeing this classic echo magnification.. There are MMLBRXs everywhere and it generally points to the base of the start of a bull run echoing the recent smaller one.. anyway, I am talking on 1hr candles saying that.. But that magnification echo if it eventuates will call for another i.e. the MMLBRXs are a Cup Base Smith and we will see the cup round up i.e. a Reversal and full on Bull Run.. I expect this to be confirmed 13-21st of this month based on the Eagle Beaks of the top 30 coins.
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@Benjamix, Well I like the sound of that. Clif High gave a price of 13.888 in mid feb for BTC to break and then never return. (well he didn't say which way it would break.) However based on fundamentals, I figured up.
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Benjamix PRO Mikelikescrypto
@Mikelikescrypto, I´ll try put into chart the thousands of words I could type here.. stay tuned. There are really bullish signs on our lap... Advice from someone that makes a pretty penny.. Buy while it is below 10k in levels and if you dare increase your bet if the price reaches set levels like every 1k.. This method is old school and if you do the math, drops your average price very close to actual so you only need smaller blips to escape in the black.... Take care and invest without emotion.. Otherwise get out of the bloodbath, we will cut you to pieces ! All the luck in the world to you all the same !!
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